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I have three pro techs that i have had for three seasons, a 16ftr and two 14s they have been outstanding as far as production but we have had several snows were the rubber cutting edges have created a thin layer of ice that had to be scraped off. Also when rotating edges, alignment and the ability for the rubber to remain straight can be a problem.

n y snow pros

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pusher boxes

We now have 17 Pro Tec boxes and 1 Avalanche box and they are worth there wieght in gold.We could never plow as much snow as we do without them.We just bought 3 24 footers and a custom 16 footer from Pro Tec which has off set mounting posts on the back so that we can put the slide the loader in with 2/3 of the box is hanging over 1 end for clearing empty trailer bays.

n y snow pros

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pro tec / avalanche

We have found the protec to stand up better and the factory really stands behind there product.Our avalanche box buckled and the manufacturer doesnt want to here about it