• SnowCare For Troops Expands To Include Healthcare Workers
    Project EverGreen expands its SnowCare for Troops program to help healthcare professionals. Volunteers from the snow and landscape industries can provide snow and ice removal services to nominated healthcare heroes. Click here to read more.


SlimJim Z71

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Cary, IL
Do you do any work north of Chicago? I saw a truck tonight that said Snow Pros on the side, and it had a V-box spreader in the bed. Just curious if it was one of yours or not. It was here in Crystal Lake, IL.

n y snow pros

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I know this question was asked of Snow Pros and not my company which is N.Y. Snow Pros.You might have seen Randy Reeder from Snow Proz with a z on the end.He is also from the Chicago area but i am not sure which part as i know nothing about Chicago except that that is where i got our name from.