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I was just wondering if anyone out there knew of any software other than "blizzard buster" for billing and route management for snowplowing?
I like the "Blizzard Buster" program but i'd like to see if there is anything else.


Stamford, CT

I use Quickbooks Pro.

I looked at Blizzard Buster two years ago, didn't like that you couldn't charge hourly rates on it at that time. I asked them if they planned on doing soon and was told no, but if I wanted to, I could buy their lawn program instead.

Seemed ridiculous for me to buy a much more expensive program at that point ... so I bought Quick Books Pro...

Now I see Blizzard Buster listen to my suggestion, and added hourly rate capability.

OH WELL too late to change software now....


Thanks for the reply. The thing I didn't like about the program was the routing. We have over 9 routes with 30 plus people on each route. I wanted a sheet that you could reuse more than once. The way they have it set up we would be buried in paper. We have a set charge for each driveway depending on amount of snow. The sheets that we use now the drivers can date at the top and check the boxes under the date on the drives that they plow. ALOT LESS PAPER!!!!!

Mark Oomkes

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Grand Rapids, MI
Are you doing landscaping\lawn maintenance in the summer? If so check out CLIP. It is a great program for scheduling, routing, customer record keeping. Basically any repetitive service. Their website is If you don't do the summer stuff it might be a little expensive but maybe not.