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Claverack, NY
I am new to snowplowing. I have a small pickup truck and would like to get a Fisher 6'9" plow. I am not sure if I should buy new or used plow. I wonder that if I buy a new plow, and if several years later I decide to get a bigger truck, would 6'9" still be able to fit in? I would need to get a different brackets, but still would this small plow be able to fit on larger truck which manufacturer recommend like for example, 7.5' plow?

Alan Addict
Again, buy a Sno-Way, for now go with a Series 25 power unit and frame, put either a Series 24 6' 8" or Series 25 7' moldboard on it. Then if you do trade up to a bigger truck you can go 7', 7'6", 8' or 9' on the same frame and only have to trade moldboards, which would be a bunch cheaper than having to swap the whole plow. And 6' 9" will NOT be big enough if you go to a full sized truck, when angled you will not be clearing the width of the truck itself.

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Alan's giving you good advice - especially if you go with the down-pressure feature on your Sno-Way.

If you can afford it, new is the way to go. Good used plows are available, but you want to check everything over real well before buying - I've seen quite a few that were pretty "beat".

And 6' 9" is definitely too narrow for a full size truck.

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Somerset, NJ
If you buy a new larger truck "several years later" it should not be a concern for your plow decision now. Buy the right plow for the truck you have now, and when you upgrade, buy the right plow for that truck at that time. Good luck.

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