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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by TST1, Jan 24, 2001.

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    my pricing goes like this.for an average driveway i'll price it at $40 up to 6 inches.$10 each additional inch up to 12 inches and $20 each inch after 12 inches of snow.does anyone price similar?
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    I am glad you posted this question. I recently did some plowing and the snow levels and weight were more than six inches. I too charged about $10 more for the plowing on some drives due to the level of snow. Would be curious what others do in this case.
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    Example is one of my lots:

    11"&Up....$Priced according to storm

    Rocksalt at $0.20 per lb applied as needed for safety.
    Mg/Ca-Cl at $0.75 per lb applied to concrete areas.

    These Prices are per visit or snowfall. Repeat visits for drifting is extra.
    You will notice a big jump from the 5"-7" and 8"-10". There is a lot of extra work involved with a 10" snowfall vs a 5".

    Hope this helps.
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    Go seasonal.
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    No kidding. That first scenario hurt my eyes. If I was a customer, I'd never sign up for per inch pricing. $100 for a 13" storm on an average driveway....ouch!
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    Are u going to get out and mesure each drive? In my area its not uncommon for some drives only a few miles apart to have alot more snow!!

    Your charging $40 on a 6" event, and $120 for a 12" on the same drive??
    I think your jump in price is too high. At least for my area.
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    I have found that homeowners do not like to be surprised when they open their plow bills. It leads to a lot of calls and explanations. My take is to price drives so that an average of $200 per hour per truck can be earned for an average storm, and leave the price at that if the storm can be plowed in one pass. If the duration or intensity of the storm warrants, a surcharge of 40% is added for plowing the entire drive the second time. Seems to work.