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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by lawnboyil, Mar 15, 2001.

  1. lawnboyil

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    ok a question to all of you If you were able to put your company logo or a picture on your snowplow would you do it? we are going to try the idea with adesive vinal to the plows. Just checking as to if theis idea might work.


    (sorry i can't spell)
  2. plowking35

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    Nope, we would wear it off in two storms.
  3. 75

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    When you say snowplow, I am assuming you mean the face of the moldboard: I don't think vinyl will hold up too well at all here, judging by how the paint on mine looks after a season!

    I like your idea though, here's a suggestion: Make (or have made) a stencil so that you can tape it in place and spray paint the logo/lettering you want on your plow. If it gets a little scuffed, it's an easy job to put another coat of paint on your blade & re-stencil it.
  4. Kraco_1

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    Maybe you could have one of those magnetic signs made up and then just take it off when you plow. My wife has one on her car for Real Estate, it's pretty cool and it peels right off.

  5. OP

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    thank you all. i lik this one better for now going to try it for next year and we will see what happens

  6. 66Construction

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    I have my company name and number on my plow. It has lasted the season about 70 inches of snow 130 hours of plowing. I put 4-5 coats of clear coat on the moldboard after painting(I used the entire can). Don't use just stencils, you'll have a mess and have to clean around the letters and it just comes out horrible.

    Get some contact paper and trace the stencils on to it. Since it's sticky it will seal the sides of the letters to the plow and wont let the paint run down or get over spray all over, it comes out much cleaner and it's a lot faster. It's also a lot easier to line things up while the paper is laying on the table and then just stick it onto the plow. The only cleanup is peeling the paper off the plow.

    The paint down towards the edge of the plow is starting to chip off but the name and number look almost like they did In September. It looks like it will be good for another season.
  7. John Allin

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    Tried Vinyl.... didn't last the storm.
    Tried paint.... 66 is right, didn't look sharp and didn't last two storms.
    Gave up.
    Put decals on the side plates of our pro-techs. They last about two seasons.