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Snowplow A-Frame

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Mac, Feb 3, 2002.

  1. Mac

    Mac Member
    Messages: 77

    Just a Helpful reminder to check you’re a-frames. My friend and I rebuilt my western pro-plow a-frame last year. We ended up replacing the front triangular peace and also the front clevis At the beginning of the year. Thinking it was all right just been one year, I did not take a look at it before plow this year. However I was wrong after wing some heavy snow I noticed that the plow was moving very slow. When I got out of the truck to look at the plow one retainer nut off one ram was torn out of the ram (There was ATF fluid everywhere). After taking back to shop I noticed the blade was sitting funny, so I remove the blade and the a-frame was TOTALLY WORN OUT, causing the front clevis to not hold the blade down right. So we weld it up and also (this is the scary part) weld the seal retainer nut to the ram so the plow would work, it leak a little but it worked. Bought a new ram yesterday and installed. Goes to shows you that you should check your plow after every event, to devoid promblem in the middle of a storm.
  2. 75

    75 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,382

    Hey! If you guys start checking your stuff and fixing it BEFORE it breaks, how are those of us who weld for a living supposed to make any $$$??? :mad:

    J/K - juggling plowing and a full-time job in the welding biz means I see both sides of the example you posted. Preventive Maintenance is key, so is having spares on hand for when you need 'em.

    Sounds like everything is back together now - to use the tired old line, "could have been worse" : one of my friends brought me his plow with the A-frame in 2 pieces last year.............................. he was a little lax with the PM!

    Whereabouts in Ontario are you? Here in Orillia, after an entire weekend of essentially no snow, it's snowing hard in the early hours of Monday morning. Got to go plow............................. :)