snowing again

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by DanG, Feb 7, 2001.

  1. DanG

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    It was warm as heck here today(upper 30's) and the snow was starting to melt & I turn my back for a second and it starts to snow like crazy again.(I hope it's just a squall)

    We ended up with anywhere from 10" in Albany to 16" out in Rensselaer county near Mass. from this last storm.

    Two long 8 hr days put in to get everything done,someplaces had to be done three times.

    It would be nice to be able to get caught up on my sleep before this weekend, They're saying sleet, freezing rain and then snow.
  2. Mike Nelson

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    Why do you need to catch up on your sleep before the weekend?

    I think You must have a HOT date:eek:

    Just kidding:D I think we should all join ALCA and go relax and get all tanned up :)
  3. OP

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    If I had a hot date I think my wife would kill me... : )

    It's bad enough that as soon as I get any money in she's right there to take it All !!!!!!!

    GEEEEZ and we've only been married since Nov to boot....

  4. Mike Nelson

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    Get use to it :D
  5. 75

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    Here in the great white north (eh)

    So far in my area (90 miles north of Toronto) there have been no really big snowfalls except the one back in December, had some work to do today though. Up in the morning, about 4" or so fallen overnight and still coming down. Did the lot at my workplace and then off to work I go at 7:00 am (mobile welding, inside the customer's shop - someone up there WAS listening!) and the snow just keeps going all day. Get back to the shop at about 5:15, 10" - 12" in the yard! (didn't I just do this place?) Get that sorted out, spend the evening finishing everything else. Snow has stopped now, the "f-word" (freezing rain) predicted overnight. Let's see if they got THAT right...
  6. 75

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    Change that to the great "wet" north

    Surprise! They got the forecast right this time! Freezing rain overnight, looking outside this morning everything is nice and shiny. Accumulation isn't very thick though, and it is forecast to go up to about 7 - 9 degrees Celcius today, with rain and wind. Yuck! Now, if I just had a set of skates to put on my truck...
  7. plowjockey

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    You don't need skates. Trust me just put it in gear and you'll be skatin' rihgt along LOL.

    Happy Plowing
  8. wyldman

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    We had almost the same here in Toronto,except it was just a little warmer,so it was more rain than freezing rain.Snow was REALLY HEAVY.We had almost 12",and it was more like 12" of slush,partially frozen to the pavement.We exploded the planetary set on a TH350 in one of our chevy's,and my well modded cummins TD,(wound a drive shaft up like a rubber band and flung it out through the bottom of the pickup box.We also had 3 side walk gys quit,as the snow was impossible to move.To wet for blowers,and to heavy to shovel.
  9. 75

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    I'm getting nervous! So far, the weather prediction has been pretty accurate. We had the freezing rain last night they called for, right now (1:00 pm) my thermometer is right around the 9 degrees Celcius mark forecast, and the predicted rain is really RAINING! A few streets downtown are flooded. Only thing not here yet is the high winds called for, wait and see. I guess it's our turn up here to get some crazy weather! Yesterday's snow was a bit of a grunt to push, but not nearly as bad as what you guys had down in Toronto. Still, a buddy of mine blew out a hub unit on his '87 Chev 1/2 ton last night while doing his farm lane.