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Does anyone use an independent snowfall reporting service to verify snowfall totals. I have always used the NWS site which records a pretty decent breakdown of snow totals throughout the county, however I have one client that is fighting me on a snow total at one location. These snow totals are taken by volunteers and unfortunately this one took his reading at 11 pm while it continued snowing into the early morning hours. The other locations surrounding it have noted 4.2-4.5 inches of total snowfall with early am readings which will put me in the 4-6 inch payment bracket.

Have never had a problem like this previously and every other client paid for the 4 to 6 inch storm. Unfortunately I did this as a sub for another contractor and hes not willing to fight as hard for my money as I am.

If you know of or use a service that would have a storm report covering the NJ area please post their website or phone information so I can get in contact with them.

If you prefer to email me directly my address is

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