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SnowEx Sidewalk Spreader


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Anybody out there using a SnowEx Drop Pro or Precision Pro spreader for sidewalks. I'm hoping that maybe someone out there may be using one of these. I checked with 3 different SnowEx dealers and not one has sold either one of these spreaders.
A Boss dealer sold a Boss Exact Drop a couple years ago but the guy that bought it has gone out of business, so I can't get any input.https://www.snowexproducts.com/product/precision-pro/
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Mark Oomkes

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Grand Rapids, MI
We've been using 2 of the DropPros for a couple years now. I think we've replaced 1 controller so far, other than that they work fine.

Seems easier to control application with smaller granule device, can't seem to turn the tate down far enough on the larger.


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Just an update. It was too late in the season last February to pull the plug and buy a sidewalk spreader. I'm leaning toward the SnowEx Precision Pro #1675 model. Got a couple comments on the Drop Pro model, above. Anyone out there have any experience with the Precision Pro model? Thanks