SnowEx 575 plastic spinner fins repair?

Discussion in 'SnowEx Products' started by Pepe Le Pew, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. Pepe Le Pew

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    Advice on repair to SnowEx 575. Have four 575's and they are all now fitted with the plastic spinners replacing the (preferred for me) metal spinners of old. The fins on the spinners are beginning to get torn up with holes and gashes in them. What do y'all do when this happens and gets to the point they are no longer doing the job? I know there must be someone here that has some ideas (short of replacement) for a quick repair of the fins with epoxy, plastic, and/or coated metal pieces of sheet metal? If there are no durable fixes then I can have them replaced when they get too bad, not a problem. Thanking in advance.
  2. rick W

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    If you have killed your spinners, you likely got your moneys worth. Why not just swing by angelos and pick up cheap replacements and be done? I know we have had a few salters over the year where staff tried to tweak the throw by riveting on some aluminum fins for a better throw as we never had problems with the old metal spinners but some of these soft new plastic ones dont seem to do the job as well throwing rock. Anyway, buy inexpensive new and move on. :)
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    rick Thank you for the reply. Just wondering if anyone had any ingenious and quick repairs. I could easily replace as you suggest, but I like to tweak the gray cells of others that have had a similar situation and see what they have come up with as a repair. Look at it like this: How long would MacGyver have been on the air if he just replaced broken stuff with new every time he was faced with a quandary? <snicker>