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Snowdogg VX

Discussion in 'SnowDogg Snow Plows' started by Bluepmil, Dec 25, 2010.

  1. Bluepmil

    Bluepmil Junior Member
    from 55449
    Messages: 2

    Where do I start. This new plow has left me on the side of the road twice since I purchased it 2 months ago. I would not suggest this plow to anyone. The silly removable jack system was my first gut feeling I might have made a bad move. The way they wired it up under the hood was my second gut feeling I made the wrong move.

    This plow sucks to attach and detach from my truck.

    The pin that holds the kick stand up fell off while plowing. It took me an hour to figure out why the plow stopped working abruptly. A hose clamp works real good to hold that up.

    The right wing moves slower than the left.

    One of the chains broke while plowing. I don't know how it happened, I am not hard on the plow. I had to buy two chains because the Transport Chain Made in the USA is a little different from the Chinese chains the plow comes with. (more down time)

    The main lift hydraulic cylinder is now leaking. (?)

    Last but not least, the plow stop working entirely. I know it's a fuse but the dealer never pointed out to me where it is or how I could find it. The only good news is, it stopped in the up right position so I did not have to drag it back to the shop.

    If your looking for a plow that looks really cool on a 2010 F350 this is it. If you plan to plow for 15 to 20 hours straight look to the BOSS!
  2. djagusch

    djagusch 2000 Club Member
    from mn
    Messages: 2,107

    Ill chime in on a couple things as it sounds like the dealer didn't show you everything.

    Mounting: typically mounting is easy after you figure it out. The thing most people have done to help it is to put more slack in the chains. If they are too tight on unlevel ground the headrack can't be pushed up enough for the pins to engage. Basically I come in push the plow 2inches so it is straight on hop out remove the jack, push the headrack up (pins engaged) pin it and plug it in.

    The headrack kickstand should be down and level to the ground when plowing. While off the truck it should be up. Guessing you have been bending pins with the kickstand up, also it would limit your stacking/transport hieght.

    Wings moving at differnt rates idk. Was it greased? Any leaks? I would see a dealer about it.

    Chain broke maybe one was tighter than the other causing more stress on one than the other. This could off caused the harder mounting.

    Lift cyl leaking. See the dealer stuff happens.

    Fuse is underdash typically. Black mini fuse holder. See the "help" thread for better discription.

    I'm sure the first 2 months sucked so far but most seems like set up or lack of being informed on the plow. For the comparsion plow I know I can stack higher than that brand side by side. Also the hydros when working properly are faster.
  3. npi9181

    npi9181 Member
    Messages: 32

    I would go back to your dealer and have them show you how to mount and dissmount the plow very easy after you do it a few times and understand how it works cylinder may need to have the nut re tightened after it broke in the dealer should have shown you more about the plow I'm sure they will go over it with you if you stop in
  4. X-Dogg

    X-Dogg Junior Member
    Messages: 10

    Good advise on the chain slack so the headrack will travel further. I would however caution against advising drivers to "push" the blade at all since we've witnessed bent jacks due to this. In my opinion the current jack system requires improvement.
  5. djagusch

    djagusch 2000 Club Member
    from mn
    Messages: 2,107

    That might be, I mount the plow on smooth concrete so it slides nicely.
  6. Bluepmil

    Bluepmil Junior Member
    from 55449
    Messages: 2

    Snow Dogg

    This plow is the biggest piece of s#!t I've ever owned. Once again this plow has left me on the side of the road. This time the valves that control the wings went out, the lift cylinder needed to be replaced, and don't try to lift the plow brackets higher so you can plow over a 6" curb without scraping. All that happens is you can now plow over curbs but the ends don't touch the pavement. This is all covered under warranty, please pay $270.00. In one season this plow has left me stranded 3 times, and I'm not the only one. NEVER BUY A SNOW DOGG PLOW, Repeat, NEVER BUY A SNOW DOGG PLOW.

    NICHOLS LANDSCA PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 4,362

    I was just talking to a guy the other day (at the gas station) and he said he hasn't had any issues and would buy another one. Said it was $1500 less than a Boss V. Maybe you got a lemon? Didn't the first run have issues? Maybe you have a leftover and never got the updates. Who did you get it from?
  8. X-Dogg

    X-Dogg Junior Member
    Messages: 10

    Hey Bluepmil...I feel your pain. We had issues with our VX blades also.
    A bit of advise...We found getting angry doesn't help. Like we did, you must locate a competent dealer who is willing to stand behind the product. Be persistent with Buyers in helping you locate one. Check your serial number to find if your blade qualifies for the upgrade Buyers is offering. Warranty work shouldn't cost you anything. Good luck.
  9. zoop

    zoop Junior Member
    from DETROIT
    Messages: 10

    I feel Bluepmil pain also! I bought a VX95 back in Dec. 2010 and had alot of issues with pretty much every part of this plow from fliud leaks to HCU contamination failure due to a push kit in my lift cylinder that went bad. All I did all winter was work on this plow. I have called Buyers Tech department serveral times and have to admitt they have done their best to help me as much as they can for being the Manufacture and not the dealer where I purchased my plow. I have done all the warranty repair work myself and have paid for some of the warranty parts myself too, of course with a promise of a refund from my dealer.(still waiting on that refund) But I dont regret ever buying a Snowdogg plow because when anything is working properly its an great plow. And I do understand that my VX plow is kinda new still and there are bugs that needs to be corrected, I just regret buying a plow from a dealer that is 505 miles away. Nothing worst then dealing with a warranty problem over a phone after spending 4600.00 with a company and being 10 hours away. Im not ready to call out the Plowsite.com sponsering dealer yet but I will if I dont get my refund for all of my warranty parts i purchased with a promise of a refund. Zoop