Snowdogg review and mounting system

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    I just recently purchased my first snowdogg EX 80 and installed it on an 08 Chevy Duramax crew cab. The installation was fairly simple by using the instructions. When installing the mounting bracket we had a problem when one of the bolt holes did not line up so we had to drill press a larger opening. The bracket does hang low similar to a boss. The wiring went well and was plug and play as long as you have the correct pigtails for your make and model truck. The plug that goes through the firewall requires a 1.5" hole to get the rectangular shaped plug inside the truck. I felt like Snowdogg could do a better job making that plug a different shape to reduce the size hole we needed to drill into the firewall (or maybe its designed that way for a reason).

    The plow itself is built very well and near impossible to beat the price compared to Western, Boss, Hiniker or Fisher (these are the dealers near me that I compared with). There are a couple grease fitting on the plow that I figure will rust over time and need to be replaced. The stainless blade and the well built construction paired with a price $1000 cheaper then competitors sold me.
    The biggest problem I have is when it comes time to hook up or dismount. Like many others I used youtube to watch a video on hooking up. Lets just say that video is not how it works on my truck. I find it extremely difficult to line up the large pins that slide from the plow to the bracket on the truck. The plow comes with a trailer style jack to raise and lower the plow to line up the pins, but for some reason on my truck the pins just don't want to line up correctly. Dismounted is much worse, raising the jack up just enough to relieve the pressure off the pins is the goal. The plow has kick tabs to release the pins off of the "truck side bracket". After many raising and lowering of the jack stand and numerous kicks on the kick plate, a metal piece bent on my plow not allowing the pin to slide off of my truck. I have not contacted my dealer yet about the bent piece, I am hoping it is covered under the two year warranty. Frustrated and disappointed to have to work so hard on a new investment.
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    Bmoorefield, driving into the plow, align. will take time practice. To Mount and dismount you have
    Plenty of slac on your chain it cannot be tight. To relax chain lower plow hold flt button down for
    5 secs. leave remote on, truck running, get out of truck, push down on top of the chain plate till it stops
    the chain will relax !! Attach kick stand as soon as it hits the concrete, 2 turns more your plow
    is ready for dismount use your foot + kick the levers. It come off and like a piece of cake!! Good Luck
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    You're reviewing a plow and mounting system that's been out for six years or so already?
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    I know on mine when I mount and dismount it you push on the light mount to align the pins to the holes, never had a problem with that. Very easy and fast for me to hook it up and take it off after a storm.
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    I forgot that part like Regal Eagle stated, push frame toward truck to engage pins. also somewhat level ground is a plus. To mount + dismount ea. time approx. 5 mins. :drinkup:
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    This is one of the worst mounting system ever made lol.I mounted my fisher in 30 seconds,my blizzard in 2 minutes.The snowdogg will either go on in a minute or two or an hour! There's no consistency when you mount these plows. All my plows are on dollies,I roll them in and there on in no time.I've used the jack,a floor jack trying to line up those pins.It was cheap,put it on my wifes truck,plow runs trouble free,but man o man the mount drives me nuts:hammerhead:
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    I've been their done that w\ the floor jack, Not now, Due to a tight chain! It take me 2 mins. to mount my plow. As Stated above give a go it will work.
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    I've never had a problem either ,mounting or dismounting. But as others have said the plow must be in float and the lift jack and chain must be bottomed out and down.
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    Ok,I'll put in some practice.This plow was purchased last year and I've only put it on about 10 times.Part of the problem is using dollies.The angles are all wrong,funny the fishers(3),blizzard(1) and the bosses(2) all mount up in a minute or two when moved into position on dollies.
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    I had a MD75, but I traded in that truck for a new one that came with a Fisher. The Fisher is pretty easy, but I prefered the Snow Dogg. I liked being able to crank the plow up or down to the exact right spot. The Fisher uses legs that have a spring loaded pin to hold the plow up. Once you've unhooked it there's no adjusting the height. If something changed between the time you unhooked it and when you go to rehook it (Ex: the legs sunk into the snow a little or it snowed before you hooked up the plow so now the truck is up higher) it's a pain to get it hooked up.
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  12. Eckertslawncare

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    I totally agree with never lines up right. All my other plows were way easier to hook up and unhook
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    At least he’s not asking what tires to use, or how much to sell his route for! LOL
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    True Dat. But, he asked for a review of the plow and mounting system. And in my honest opinion, the plow has worked just fine for 5 years until I had so spend some money on it this year, but the mount, and mounting the plow absolutely SSSSSUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKSSSSS! I could mount and dismount my Boss 5-7 times in the times it takes to mount the Dogg plow.
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    got a 75hd w/no problems as far as mount/dismount it takes time to get use. IT'S THE KICK STAND 1.5 / 2 TURNS THATS IT ! somewhat level ground helps. when your close driven into ck. align. if 1 side looks good / the other
    is off grab the plow and move w/ hand. then move levers forward which engage springs/ then push frame
    toward truck will engage pins !!!! like the video / It takes time = 5 min. :drinkup:
  16. JustJeff

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    Pssst. I've had the plow for five years. I know how to mount and dismount my plow. It's just a crappy mount. Worst one on the market. Have you ever owned and mounted and dismounted another manufacturer's plow? If you had, you'd have something to compare this one to, and wouldn't be so much a fan of it I'd be willing to bet.
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    Jeff, just saying / trying to help others W/ mounting plow. At first my plow was not a picnic = I got bent out
    of shape trying to mount it. It takes time / :drinkup:. Never had another plow / 3yr. now w/mine. I've read a lot of
    issues w/ the md 75 mount system / plow falling off/bent mounts. etc. ? Be safe!!
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    I hate too see you guys waste your hard earned money on that Snow Dog junk. I work for the city of Louisville road dept and they switched over to these plows and truck bed spreaders 3 years ago from Westin which were great. I can’t say one good thing about the Snow Dog products everything on the plows break easily. The lights are garbage wiring issues they fall off you name it. They are a pain in the ass too hook up. I also see you guys having problems with them not moving the pumps got bad very quickly. So if you are doing some homework on buying one of these please don’t waste your money pay extra and get a Westin, Boss you be glad you did, you’ve been warned.
  19. ggb6259

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    5 years with the original MD 75.. Mount was a pain the first time on and off and once I took time to understand it, it was ez. Only issue I had with snowdogg was the with the little pin thingys that help keep the connectors making contact, bought a few of those and probably still have them. I worked the plow hard for three middle years... Everyone has their favorites and I personnally would take my old dogg back in a heart beat. Great plow and I prefer chain lift. The SnowEx I have now is driving me flat out insane but I think I found the issue with it this weekend. I used it for the big storm in Michigan last year and had fits with it. Snowex uses a straight fitting into the angle rams, then they slap on a 90 degree adaptor, then to the hose... pretty stupid but whatever. I was looking thru my notes/posts on it and the left ram with cluster on it leaked last year and I found the right ram leaking now. I love the automattix mounting now that I understand it's nuances but the things gotta push snow.
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    I owned a VXF for six years on a 2003 and 2004 Chevy 2500 HD's. My advice is to only park the plow on flat ground for the plow and the truck. I also put the jack plate on wood after learning it would freeze easily into the ground. The mounting is harder than a Fisher, but if you get the truck and plow on the same plane its not to bad.

    Couple things: 1. If the bent metal is one of the stainless levers to engage the big pins, just bend it back into shape. 2. Buyers will be good with warranty claims. 3. They are durable plows. 4. Protect the harness where it exits the truck. 5. Use the safety pins on the engagement levers [black] or you will detach the plow from the truck when snow stacking. 6. keep the wiring connectors coated liberally with diaelectric grease. Never clean with terminal cleaner. It eats the pins.

    Overall I loved my Buyers but went back to fisher based on local parts availability and resale.
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