Western Michigan
Any chance of improving the snowcatcher on the V's? I would love to see a urethane one available. I seem to go through at least one per season, and at about $80 a pop, it gets old. I usually need to cut them down to size to fit my worn cutting edges, or to fit the urethane edge height, and man I sure hate taking the saw to a brand new $80 piece of rubber!

I dont have any problem with the design, just the material.

Boss Plows

Junior Member
We are still testing a few different versions of the snow catcher. If you make is too stiff, it will shear the bolts holding it in place. It needs to be flexible enough to absorb hard, direct impacts and stiff enough to not roll under, etc. It is a fine line, as you can imagine. We do now have the tooling fully amortized so you should see the price improve next season. The BOSS Snowplow