Snowcare for our Troops

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  1. Mitragorz

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    Just signed up for this. Not sure how I missed it, I'd have signed up years ago.

    I always advertised discounts for Military, Police, Fire, EMS but no one's ever taken advantage of it.
  2. Ford.crazy

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    Same thing here, no one ever calls about it.
  3. LawnsInOrder

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    It's a good way to get word out in your local paper....just do a quick release and write up and send it to them and often they are happy to print a little thing for you. Free advertising
  4. MajorDave

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    I signed up a few years ago...never have rec'd a call though.
  5. stevesyardcare

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    Great idea, any support troops get is a huge bonus!
  6. RyanGallant

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    I wish it was expanded to include service disabled veterans and elderly veterans.
  7. The Snow Punishers

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    Personally, I give vets and their families 15% off and seniors 10% off also do police and fire. It helps build brand trust. And it helps people
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    We signed up a couple weeks ago. So far, the company has contacted me about 3. Had 1 taker so far. I'm glad we can help out. Our small "sacrifice" of a few minutes of our precious time and a couple gallons of fuel is nothing in comparison to what our Men and women in the Armed Services have, do, and will sacrifice in their lifetimes. Thank you to all that have served and all those who are serving.
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  9. The Snow Punishers

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    I have done this since I started lol
  10. I would do a disabled vet or the family of a Vet that is deployed. I look out for one Chief of police only because he is my Nephew. As far as Fireman a good majority of them are landscapers and can do there own or look out for each other.