Snowcare for our Troops

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    OK Ill share one. A little background first. 10 years airborne Ranger. Small arms expert. I was plowing drive it was around 0330 or so when the front porch lights went off and on. I get out and go up to the house. The wife is telling me her 7 year old son is upset that dad left them. And will not listen to her and is being defient. She asks if I could talk to him. After I get done for the day. I come back and talk to him after I leave the kid is no longer upset. When I ask the spouse how she who I was she pointed out my rear window my DD214 and she knew I was not going todo something to her or her family
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    Great stories.... Thanks ! Thumbs Up
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    I signed up last year and had a family contact me for help. They were 30 minutes the wrong way, but staked the drive and committed anyway. Met the lady and chatted with her a bit. Met their little girl- makes it worth while knowing she will get to the bus in the morning without tromping thru the snow. I think i only plowed it twice because of the lack of snowfall, but it was a good experience and i will do the same this year if i get a chance.
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    Have not herd anything from anybody!! I guess there is no troops in the Unionville area!!
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    If you really care about helping, but don't want to wait, contact your local VFW. I'm sure someone there can hook you up..... and you can get a $1.25 beer while you wait.... Thumbs Up
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    i signed up a few weeks ago and never heard anything back from them. i called and emailed but still nothing. i just went through the volunteer submission again. im hoping for a response soon. in the meantime i gave the word out to my buddy in the army and he is looking around at his base in indy for anyone in need. is there a place i can check to see if the submission went through?
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    Maybe this was asked before but I dont feel like reading throught this whole thread. I'm just a homeowner with a plow but wouldn't mind helping out someone in need and lets face it I love plowing. My question is I don't have any plowing or buisnes insurance so if I sign up for this and get a family and am plowing them out for free and they come at me in spring that I craked there drive way, took a bush out, ripped some sod out ect ect or god forbid someone slips and falls what happens. Can they come after me or try to sue me or because I'm doing this free of charge do I not have anything to worrie about? Like I said I'd love to help and don't think anything like this will happen but in this day and age you can never be too safe.
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    You will need to be patient. There is only a few people working in that dept. Don't worry it went through they will only reply if there is a reason to. That's how it was with me too.
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    I got my info in 2 weeks. But I was plowing for them before I knew of plowing for my brothers and sisters in arms. Call the air guard. Army guard. Army reverse. And ask for the FRG. ( family deadness group) and tell them what you want to do. And they will help you out. And for all of you who don't know. RANGERS LEAD THE WAY. and not the hockey team. But they do rock as well :)
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    First and foremost, you can be sued for anything.

    Whether or not you will owe anything, is another story. Unlikely that you would be brought into court for a "volunteer effort", but nothing is impossible. It would pretty much depend on the person you're doing the plowing for, and the idiots in the jury panel.

    Most court systems find people who volunteer their services not liable for their actions if they performed their task with "good intent" and "due diligence". This has been before the court systems where doctors, first aiders, and the like stopped at an accident (or just regular people as well) and someone perished while they were trying to save them, and the family sued.

    When the courts look at this, they try to determine if the person's intent was to help. I believe it's called the "good Samaritan Doctrine" as you can see in this link

    Plow away and have fun. You can always ask for forgiveness later :nod:
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    ill sign up for a drive.
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    I agree. the only time you would really lose a suite is if it was obvious negligence. if you plow down the garage door or something. evne if you scratch a strip of turf a handfull of grass seed would fix it.
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    I have been trying to sign up for Snowcare For Troops for months now. I have filled out the app on the website, emailed every e-mail address I can find, called the number leaving many messages, and even called boss (their sponsor) and explained to them what was going on. They gave me another couple e-mail addresses and STILL no response.

    If someone from Snowcare reads this thread, contact me please!
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    if you want to help. you can simply put an ad on craigs list for your town

    which if they are not in tha tmuch need of help i might just do that. is weird. i signed up to donate bone marrow, was a couple years ago. i figured there woudl be more need than that. maybe my dna is unique. shrugs
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    Thank You

    I'm an 11 year Soldier based out of Fort Drum, NY and currently on my third combat deployment. I'm part of this forum because I’m planning on starting up a plowing business after i retire and like to gain as much knowledge as i can from people like you, who know what you're talking about.
    Just today i found this thread and found out about the Snowcare for Troops operation that people such as yourselves have implemented and supported. I know that each one of you do this to support the troops and at the same time i also know that everyone likes to be thanked. So i will thank you all by sharing MY families situation and in result showing you all how much a "small" task can help out in a BIG way.
    Like i stated, I’m currently deployed and have been for 6 months now. So i have been gone from home the entire snow season. This winter, had i been home, i would have bought a plow for my truck to plow my 100 foot long driveway. But since i was deploying and i knew my wife wasn't going to plow, i didn't get one. Lucky for me, an older fella down the road offered to keep my drive clear while i was away. It's been a great help for my wife.
    My wife's daily routine is as follows;
    -wake up early and wake my 11 year old son and 8 year old daughter up for school.
    -Make them breakfast and ensure they conduct personal hygiene and get dressed, get all school supplies together and ready for school.
    -walk the kids to the bus when it arrives.
    -take a shower and get dressed for work (20 minute drive).
    -work 5 hours Monday through Friday.
    -come home in time to get the kids off the bus.
    -get the kids an after school snack and get them working on homework.
    -continue to work on her college classes online (full time student)
    -check kids homework for accuracy.
    -make dinner.
    -clean dishes and other daily chores around the house.
    -get back on the computer to finish school work and hope i jump on facebook while she is on so she can talk to me before she calls it a night.
    -go to sleep and start it all over again in the morning.
    -lets not forget that things that need to be done around the house normally get done by two, and now getting done by 1.
    -lets also keep in mind that there is only one parent and raising 2 young children takes a lot of work. (school functions, after school functions, play dates, etc.. all take time out of the day.
    -lets keep in mind the amount of stress the typical military spouse deals with while her Soldier is deployed.

    That is a gimps into her daily life while I’m gone. So it's easy to see how a "small" gesture like plowing the drive goes a very long way.

    So again, thank you all for what you are doing!! It doesn't go unnoticed and it isn't just for her. Knowing our spouses are taken care of back home gives us Solders piece of mind over here and helps us stay focused on the tasks that we have at hand
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    I know that although I don't do it for glory, it is still great to be told thank you. The last family I helped out was so very nice, the family had 5 kids and taking care of there drive was a huge help I was told. Heck I still took care of it after the soldier came home mid-winter. So now I say Thank You!
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    nobody called me when I signed up
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    You have to understand that they don't have much for staff, you usually only get contacted if someone in your area asked for service. So don't get to upset, be patient
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    I didn't mean to come of as upset. I was just saying.

    I might foo the same for mowing and put an add on Craig's list. then I can have my own stipulations and know who I am mowing for does need it. I would imagine a lot of military wives would tend to be stay at home wife's. but I dunno tho. cost of living is always on the rise. not a lot of people can get by on one income. but if she is making 80k on top of his 80k I think they can afford lawn care. but I'd she is only part time to help I don't mind helping some more
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    As others have mentioned, Be Patient! I have been doing Greencare and Snowcare for troops since it started and have only helped 2 families. I live near (And my wife works at) a military base less than 10 mins. from my home! At the current moment the only major place we are deploying troops for combat duty is Afghanistan AFAIK? With that in mind, the amount of soldiers away at the moment is much smaller than say, 10 years ago.

    While I do admire you for wanting to "Grab the bull by the horns" and start your own charitable operation, your are taking a HUGE risk by doing this on your own without the proper screening in place and, without being a 501(c)(3) you can't deduct any of the expenses (I think?). Craigs list is notorious for every kind of scam you can think of.

    If someone tells you they or a family member are in the service and need your help, how will you verify their story? Just because they have a uniform on or show you pictures of someone wearing one doesn't mean anything. Look at how many people have been busted wearing one while walking around a mall trying to get military discounts and un-earned respect and privilege. Lying for free lawn mowing or snow removal is easy and would save the POS !#*$#! creep a lot of $$. Also, the DOD is not going to help you out trying to confirm the story given, as the HIPPA privacy laws apply to the military too. No personal info. would ever be released.

    Also, people who may actually need your help possibly will not respond to your ad. My first thought would be "Why is this ad on Craigs list when I have all this literature with the lists of special help groups from :angel:Soldiers' Angels :angel:, Operation Homefront, USO and when my spouse was deployed?"(and many, many other great groups) My guess is their second thought would be "Unreal! Scammers are now preying on military families? Anything for money without earning it!"

    Another FYI is that before a soldier deploys, there is a ton of paperwork they have to do. It breaks down and lists just about anything you can think of and how it will be handled while he/she is gone, from banking and bill paying to estate planning and........God forbid:( funeral arrangements................ This list is then reviewed by the units CO (Commanding officer) or other assigned person to make sure the I's are dotted and the T's crossed. This is generally when special needs are found that MUST be dealt with before a soldier can actually depart and the list of charities will be cross referenced to find a solution.

    Being prior service myself and having 4 other family members that served (All US Army) ranging from a Warrant Officer to a 1st Sargent who retired after 35 years , I can tell you first hand that most soldiers and their families are a very proud and independent bunch that work within their own ranks to solve problems .

    All the organizations that provide some form of assistance to deployed soldiers and their families bend over backwards to get their services in front of this unique group of people. While all of this assistance is out there, I am not sure how much of it is used? There are many reasons for this. In most cases, when a soldier lives in a neighborhood for any length of time, it is immediately apparent what he or she does for a living to everyone in the area (It's very hard to hide that green uniform and cars with red or blue stickers on the bumpers and parking permits in the windows).

    Since most red blooded Americans feel the same way you do, family members help and neighbors are usually quick to come over, introduce themselves and offer to help any way they can! (I do, and if you don't, do NOT ask about my opinion of you because you won't like it!) :angry: :realmad:

    Because of this, neighbors and family members are usually the first to know about deployments and most always one of the first offers is to cut the grass or shovel the snow as it's a great way to help without invading the privacy of the parties involved (No need to enter the home or receive any personal information to perform the task).

    Again, I must commend you for being a go getter and a patriotic American! ussmileyflag It is people like you that remind the men and women of Americas armed forces why they risk their lives on a sometimes daily basis! THANK YOU!