Snowcare for our Troops

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  1. blazer2plower

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    I know its an older thread but its a great thing I just thought I might bring it back to life and yes I signed up :)~
  2. pooleo8

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    I signed up a month or so ago. Have not heard anything yet.....:(
  3. Kevin_NJ

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    I signed up last year, only time I heard from them was a request to speak to a newspaper reporter. Any idea if I have to re-sign up this year?
  4. blazer2plower

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    I dont know I have a phone number. from a gal who works for them ill post it when I get back. Home out with the girl friend now.
    It will be to night or tomorrow some time

    I love my Z
  5. Kevin_NJ

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    I found the email from Joy from last year, I'll just ask her.


    edit: my name is still on the list of volunteers on website, so I guess I don't need to sign up again
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  6. AMS77

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    We signed up a month or so ago and received the kit in the mail but have not had any request yet.
  7. Kevin_NJ

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    a "kit" I don't remember any kit. Maybe a letter.
    Being about 20 miles from McGuire/FT Dix I'm surprised I wasn't utilized last year.
  8. AMS77

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    A mission kit it was called. It had a letter the sticker for your window and a cd with different stuff on it.
  9. Kevin_NJ

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    I know I didn't get any of that stuff. O well.
  10. blazer2plower

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    You need to call them. Or email them. There is a lot of info on the cd. You may all may need to do some leg work.
    the last few years I did not know of plowing for the troops. Call your national guard air guard. And tell them what you are doing.
    and they will help as well. That is what did. They will have a lot of info and tell the FRG ( family readiness group) it all the wifes that get togeather at least once a mouth. I hope I helped out.

    I love my Z
  11. OP
    TPC Services

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  12. caitlyncllc

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    I signed up last year, but did not get anybody to plow for till this year. If you have/get the packet and advertise that you are a participant you will get responses and interest from people. It's a great opportunity to serve those who serve us.
  13. ohiogreenworks

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    We are a part of greencare for troops and snowcare for troops. Has worked out well for the past year, and we actually had an interview done on us for the local news, pretty nice 3 minutes of free advertising!
  14. RefinedPS

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    I'm signed up! Looking forward to serving our service men. ussmileyflag
  15. contractor078

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    i signed up as well. i think that it is the LEAST that i can do to try to say thank you to the men and women that are keeping this the great and free country that it is.
  16. bossman34

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    I found out about it when i bought my Boss plow, I signed up and actually had a family close enough to help, I am surprised that I am the only person signed up in this area of wisconsin. Lucky for me they have a perfect drive for plowing!
  17. Roundhammer

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    This is a great idea!.

    I Just contacted the Candian version of this site, to see if they have any inclination to provide this type of service to our troops. We are all fighting the same battle against the forces of evil. And all our troops deserve all the support we can give them!


  18. Plow horse

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    Thanks you ALL. I volunteered and will pass it on. Thanks again our Troops need all the support they can get.
  19. Dogplow Dodge

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    I've been thinking about this since I heard about it last year.

    Who here has volunteered, and actually cleared snow for families of veterans ? What was your experience like ? Did you actually meet the families, or just show up, clear snow and leave ?

    Any stories you'd like to share to those of us thinking of providing this service ?

    Thanks !
  20. blazer2plower

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    I was doing it before. I ever herd of snow plowing for the troops. And I try and have a meeting with the spouses. And let them know what's going on. Never had a bad experience. I wish someone did my drive when I was over sea's. Get a hold of the (FRG) family readyness group and they will be in the know how on who needs what.