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snowblowers, what brand name and what model do you use?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself to the Community' started by tapr, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. tapr

    tapr Junior Member
    from Canada
    Messages: 2

    Hi, I would like to get into some snow removal, just residential so far, a couple driveways, not huge by any means. But wondered if you pro's could suggest a good quality snowblower for a guy that is starting out. Don't have tons of money right now so just looking for one that is good quality for a descent price. Also how much horse power is needed, I really don't have a clue when it comes to these things so any help is appreciated. thanx guys

    P.S. I live in Ontario, Canada so we do get a fair bit of snow and quite often as well.

  2. carcrz

    carcrz Senior Member
    Messages: 295

    I am just wondering the same thing. My snow blower of 8 years left me to go to snowblower heaven. I guess he finally decided he wanted to be somewhere warmer. I really think that the best thing to do is to spend the money & get the best made blower the first time around. Repairing the cheapies can get even more expensive trying to get parts & dealers to service them. Any suggestions on snowblowers for us?
  3. festerw

    festerw Senior Member
    Messages: 986

    IMO you can't go wrong with Honda, Ariens or Toro. Bought from a dealer not a big box store.

    My Honda HS55 track drive is still running great after 15 years or so with it's only repair last year to replace the original belts. Not the biggest, not the most powerful or the lightest but it will get the job done in a hurry.
  4. mcwlandscaping

    mcwlandscaping 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,557

    Ariens has never let me down (03 model, 824) and honda's are awesome
  5. bigjoe871

    bigjoe871 Senior Member
    Messages: 166

    I have an ariens, a toro, an MTD, and three NOMA (Home Depot)

    ARIENS al the way ... Toro is pretty good too ...

    The Noma's are throw aways for anything more then homeowner things
  6. ThisIsMe

    ThisIsMe Senior Member
    from Mass
    Messages: 745

    I think any snowblower you could get serviced locally would be fine. Which pretty much leaves you with Ariens, Toro, or Honda.

    Might be a little more up front, but cheaper in the long run. Trying bringing you snow blower back to Home Depot looking to replace a chain in the middle of a blizzard. I can imagine the looks. :)

  7. anthonyr

    anthonyr Junior Member
    from montana
    Messages: 16

    For sure buy from a dealer and not a box store, for reasons already mentioned. I bought a husquvarna a couple years ago and am still using it. I bought it for about 1200.oo. So far it hasn't failed me yet. My only other choice was the Toro, but they seemed like they were made cheap, a lot of plastic parts that i knew would break or get busted somehow. I saw an ariens the other day and thought that looked like a very good blower, but no one sells them where I live, no dealers anyways. Basically, buy the best one you can afford, but buy it from someone who will service it for you if you find yourself in a bind.
  8. BPK63

    BPK63 Senior Member
    from CT
    Messages: 246

    You definately want a local dealer to get it serviced. I had an Ariens for 30 years. It was finally on it's last leg. My local Ariens dealer changed to Snapper because he said they don't make Ariens as heavy duty anymore as they used to. He was willing to rebuild it for me but I chose to buy a new Snapper and I'm amazed with the performance of that machine. It throws snow 40 feet and I don't know if other machines can do that. Just my 2 cents.
  9. ThisIsMe

    ThisIsMe Senior Member
    from Mass
    Messages: 745

    Sorry, I did not mean to leave out Husky or Snapper. I just meant buy any unit that could be repaired and not thrown away like the box stores want you to.
  10. FCLCinMaine

    FCLCinMaine Member
    from Maine
    Messages: 33

    Honda all the way!!! Best resale value
  11. chevyplowman

    chevyplowman Junior Member
    Messages: 21

    I've had the best luck with Toro's. Very Dependable.
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2006
  12. Rickco

    Rickco Member
    Messages: 89

    Well I only have input one 1 make because thats all I've ever owned. My choice would be Snapper. I had my first one,That my father bought,until last year. The only reason that I gave it to a friend was that it looked horrible,still runs great. So I went last year and got a new one. It's a 9/26. That's 9 hoarse and 26" path..and it's great,very well built. The only thing I ever did to the old one was belts and lots of shear pins (STOCK UP ON THEESE).But whatever you do,buy from a dealer!
  13. LLM Ann Arbor

    LLM Ann Arbor Senior Member
    Messages: 876

    Toro CCR single stage. Ill never use anything but.

    $500 to $550 American for the 2450 The 3650 is $50 to $75 dollars more but all it has is a different handle, and a crank to control the directional vane.

    Save the 50 and get the 2450
  14. mojob

    mojob Member
    Messages: 83

    My dealer told me that the 2450 has the same engine as the 3650 and the manual chute on the 2450 works better than the crank on the 3650. So, I agree with you, get the 2450.
  15. snowsniper1

    snowsniper1 Senior Member
    Messages: 240

    i have toro and jd
  16. LLM Ann Arbor

    LLM Ann Arbor Senior Member
    Messages: 876

    Yup....141 cc 6hp I believe.

    Thats what I figured about that crank too. I do like the handle on the 3650 better though.

    I should say...I have a 2450. I never use it because it never snows anymore.

  17. DeereFarmer

    DeereFarmer PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 3,296

    I had a Deere 1028 and loved it. Never any problems except for a few sheerpins every once and a while.
  18. tapr

    tapr Junior Member
    from Canada
    Messages: 2

    thanx for the input, got some good info from ya's. I live in a rather small town so ill have to find a local dealer, I doubt there is honda but I'll keep looking.

    My next question is, what is the difference between single stage and two stage, obviously two stage is better but what makes it different from a single stage. I've also heard a lot of problems with people blowing wet snow, clogging up their machines, just the way it packs in there.

    your responses are appreciated.