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Discussion in 'Normand Snow Blowers' started by IMAGE, Oct 8, 2018.

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    Hey Guys,

    As you know Normand units are really hard to get this year. I wanted to give you an update of what I still have available:

    1x N92-280HINV with rear blade. New. Available now.

    1x N92-280HYB New, in Production. Available End of November.

    1x N74-250HYB New, in Production. Available End of November.

    I MIGHT have a couple N82-260HINV units become available Early December. They are new, but might get a little use as they are being lent to customers who have new HYB units on order. When those HYB's come in, these units MIGHT become available, if they don't just keep them for the fleet anyways.

    If you want your name on one of these, please contact me ASAP. text is best 218-205-7198

    Thanks, Steve
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    There's been some discussion recently aboot blower availability and your name has come up.
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    I'm just happy I never saw a case of Hamm's in the front yard...I was warned it might be a trap.
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    Sorry I'm almost never on here. Some of you guys know that besides being a Normand and Metal Pless distributor, and an SnowEx dealer, and running a snow company, I also own a trucking company... and sometimes I even like a day to myself. So getting on to forums takes a backseat. Best way to get a hold of me is email through my account, or text me.
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    Hey, I was looking at the new Hybrid blower. Do they scrape as well as a conventional inverted with a back blade?