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I planned on purchasing a Honda 621 but, can no longer find one locally as they have been discontinued. Has anyone tried or had experience with the Toro CCR 3650 GTS? Please give your opinons on the Toro snowblower.

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i have an older model toro simialr to the one your refering to but in 4.5hp eich was the highest 2 stage they made 6 years ago. Whatta great machine... i cant say enought good things about it. If the snow is under 8 inches i can practically blow through it as fast as i can walk. This snow blower also throws that real wet slush without clogging. After i take this amchine out after 9 months of storage it starts on the second pull... there not cheap for a 2 stage but so productive and so worth it.


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Honda replaced the 621 with a differnt model. I forget the new # but it looks about the same, and should work as well.

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