snowbear plow revisited

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The subject we all love to hate.

A local auto parts store has a brand new they are trying to sell for 350. Seems the district manager ordered 1 for each store back in 2001 and not 1 has sold.

I'm tempted to buy it and see how fast I can destroy it.........Perhaps if I cut a foot off each side I'd have a plow for my ATV?.........haha.

I've even seen them at the local Lowes........listed for 999.

Has anyone ever seen one of these things in action?


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I have one out back that came off some students Izuzu Trooper so don't pay anything for one, you can come get this one for free.:D


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I bought a Snowbear , basically because I was having plow withdrawl after selling my com. plows & I though I could use it on one of the trucks to clear some longer drives.

Total POS. Sold it for about half what I paid for it.


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Can't be Beat for the price

I have an 82" SnowBear, 6 years old, still in great shape and I'm on my 5th scraper edge. I mounted it on my 1 Ton Dodge Dually 4x4 (even though they say not to). Not heavily used - clears a 5 mile road about 10 - 15 times per season. For those saying it is a POS - if you don't use something properly, anything is a POS. This is NOT a heavy duty commercial plow. It is light at about 300 lbs so you can put it on anything - from small compact 4x4's to a 1 ton. For those suggesting a Super Plow - boy what a great idea - NOT! Lets drag the plow behind us so the vehicle has to go through the un-plowed snow, with limited traction, packing down two trails of snow the plow will not remove, while the snow piles up between the plow and the back of the vehicle. The angle is very limited so it doesn't disperse snow off to the side, the down force is less than SnowBear's, and the visibility of the plow blade is non-existent. Also, plows work better and are safer when they float without down force; if you feel you need some cheap down force - get a piece of scrap steel and bolt it on the top of the plow. You don't seem many used SnowBears and the nice ones seem to go for about $1,000. The manual angle is not bad as if you use a little thought and planning, you can often set the angle once and forget it. If you are clearing a small, tight space requiring you to change the angle frequently - probably faster and better to get a walk behind blower. FOR THE RIGHT SITUATION AND OWNER THESE ARE A GREAT DEAL.