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Discussion in 'ATV / UTV Snow Removal' started by ccbracing, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. ccbracing

    ccbracing Junior Member
    Messages: 5

    I'm new to plowing with my '05 Rincon that I purchased in Dec. Hooked up a 50" Moose County plow and it works great, exceeding my expectations. But the snowbanks have exceeded anything I've ever see! Any suggestions on the most efficient way to push them back? Thanks
  2. tuney443

    tuney443 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,847

  3. BlueRam2500

    BlueRam2500 Senior Member
    Messages: 765

    Try pushing them back with the plow slightly raised. Thats what I did yesterday while plowing my buddies driveway.
  4. jmbones

    jmbones Senior Member
    from NE PA
    Messages: 242

    If they're frozen, forget it. Don't even try them. If they are loose (ie, you can kick them with a sneaker on and they break up without your toes breaking up) you can try as said above. Likewise, when you are plowing for the first time in the season, make sure to push the snow far enough to allow for future snowfall. Each time you plow, do what is called "stacking" and raise the plow slightly as you go into the pile so it pushes the snow upwards and "stacks" it.
  5. pjprod

    pjprod Junior Member
    from ny
    Messages: 22

    Here is what i did...i purchased a 30" plastic blade from the snowplow.com for about 30.00 and what i did was drill 2 holes in my plow blade and i mounted it so i can "shelf " the snow without going off the sidewalk...it is kind of like a blade extension..i keep the blade raised when i do it...it works great...when i am finished...i unbolt the blade and start plowing. The plastic blade is nearly indestructible.
  6. ccbracing

    ccbracing Junior Member
    Messages: 5

    interesting idea. Snowplow.com only has a pic of an earth moving machine and I get a pop-up saying the site can't be trusted. Is there a make and model of what you bought?
  7. pjprod

    pjprod Junior Member
    from ny
    Messages: 22

    The company the snowplow.com has a banner on this site up in the right corner...just click on it and go to replacement parts and you can order a blade...these blades are for a snow shovel....beleive me... it works great!
  8. SportsmanJay

    SportsmanJay Member
    Messages: 35

    Stack 'em high! Thumbs Up This one is about 10'-12' tall!

  9. jim331656

    jim331656 Member
    from NJ
    Messages: 44

    Wow that is a stack! I have some 5-6 ft stacks myself. I raised the blade, sat back on the seat and rode right up the piles and could pretty much stack them as high as I wanted or pushed the top back.

    IPLOWSNO PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,620

    heres a vid that will show ya how ya stack it high, it's the same quad you have underneath.
    if your banks are hard ya need to wait for a nice warm day and break them down into a ramp and then pack them down by driving on them, i had twin banks the year that was taken, my banksare alot smaller this year, but my neighbor has some nice ones forming up if i ever get my winch back.

  11. ALC-GregH

    ALC-GregH PlowSite.com Addict
    from pa
    Messages: 1,143

    I have a customer that I have to stack the snow. Not really a good place to put it so I stack it all in one place. I'll try to remember to get a pic of it if it snows again.
  12. ctplower1322

    ctplower1322 Junior Member
    from CT
    Messages: 12

    Heres some pictures from last year of a pile I stacked up...