SnoWay question for Bryan...

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Cary, IL
Actually, I have a few.

Someone else brought this up before, and I mentioned it in another post, I've noticed that my plow tends to bouce quite a bit more now while driving down the road, what is causing this?

Also, you mentioned the new hand-held controller... got a picture of it for us?

Thanks again for all your help... glad you're here.


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From my time with Sno-Ways I'd tend to think that the bounce you're getting is probably from the pin holes getting worn just a little. The other possibility is that your mounting frame is loose. That can be hard to find, have somebody run the plow up and down with downpressure engaged. Watch the top of the nosepiece where it's close to the bumper. The gap shoule be the same whether the plow is up or under downpressure. If there is any movement you have loose bolts somewhere. If not noticed that can tear the bottom out of the truck frame where the tow hooks and mounting frame bolt up. Been there, done that. The rear bolts that go into the frame cross member are the likely candidate to be loose.


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Reply to SlimJim

Tim, as for the new hand held controller, if you send me a private e-mail with your name and address I will send you a picture or this along with the a picture of the new hydraulics.

As for the bounce is in the plow, this can be caused by a number of reasons. Some bounce should be considered normal. If your plow is wobbling from the ends you need to check the center pivot nut in front of the power pack unit, you will need to take the cover off to do this. Truck suspension, road conditions, tire pressure all play in plow bounce. If your plow is jumping up very noticeable and then coming back down, you may have a problem. Keep in mind that a straight blade also meets a lot of wind resistance. Let me know if I helped at all, also what Alan says is true, check those bolts not just on Sno-Way but all plows.

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