Snoway problems

We have a snoway 8.5 straight blade,whith the DPS system,which has been acting up a bit.I know there a few individuals here with good knowledge of these plows (factory reps maybe ?).Anyways,here's the problem.The plow works great,except for the down pressure.When you put it in the down position and flip the switch,the plow goes up,instead of applying the down pressure.Any ideas ? All connections are clean and tight,fluid is fresh,and everything else works fine.It worked fine pre-season,and just started this during our first storm.

Also last year,on a few occasions,during a long storm,and VERY cold temps,the plow would not angle left intermittantly.As of now,it seems to be fine.The fluid was changed,so that may have been the problem (freezing up),but it hasn't been cold enough during plowing this year to duplicate the problem yet.Anything else I should check ?

Would anyone happen to have a electrical schematic for these plows,as I picked it up used,and do not have one.

Thanks in advance


Western CT
I am not a pro on snoway plows. There ar others that will probably know exactly. You have already taken some good first steps. The connections are clean including the ground? If the DP valve is getting power and not working coreectly then it is most likely a bad or stuck valve. Bryan or Alan will probably be able to better diagnose the problem.

SlimJim Z71 Addict
Cary, IL
I agree... it kind of sounds like a stuck valve, or maybe even the controller. Double check your electrical connections as well, maybe one got connected to the wrong post???

Alan Addict
The valve giving you the problems called the "four way solenoid valve" it is the one on the extreme left (drivers side) of the valve section and has blue and black wires going to it. We just tried one of our plows and with that valve unplugged the plow raises when you engage downpressure. That one has both power and ground wires to it, so the problem could be no power, no ground or bad solenoid/stuck valve.

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