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Snoway plows?

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does anyone know if snoway plows are any good with the down pressure system?
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i have used a snoway predator plow with the down pressure
system for 4 yrs. i like it, does ane excellent job of scraping snow with an ice layer on it that has been driven
over. down falls-- wears out cutting edge fast with down pressure on,plow does not weigh as much as steel units and when going into a standing pile of snow as high as the plow or higher it tends to lift up even with the pressure switch on. have not had any breakage problems with the plow.
On on my second season with my Lexan Sno Way Plow I am very pleased with the performance of the down pressure feature as well as the plow itself. SnoWay customer service & support is great, but as said here before convenice of your dealer is a MAJOR issue!
We've got 2 Sno-Way straight blades, one a 94 and the other a 96. They're not the greatest thing out there, but so far they are doing OK by us. We added a Sno-Way Vee plow this year, we'll see how that goes. Our dealer is fantastic on service and parts, factory customer service has been way less than golden. The light weight cuts down on wear on the truck and downpressure more than compensates for the light weight when it comes to cleaning. We'll keep using Sno-Way until something better comes along, which I really don't see happening.
I just got a SnoWay 25 Series 7.5' steel plow installed on my truck over this past summer. I also got a broomer to sweep parking lots with during the warmer weather. So far, I love the system. It's a really great plow. The only problem I've had is with the solenoid, which they replaced this morning for free. I would definately recommend this plow.
Yep, I operate a SnoWay Predator w/ lexan type insert.

Have used it since 1998 (3 seasons) with little or no complaints. I guess there are two thicknesses of lexan used- my commercial unit has the thinner 1/4" stuff.

Had some vertical drift. Took out, inspected, and cleaned the two solenoid valves and also the spring/ball doo hickey in the back. Works fine now.

The down pressure has worked fine for me in Western Michigan. Have not used a back blade at all, however, would surmise that the winters have been mild so far. My point is that a back plow would be a great complement to the snoway plow especially for a heavy snow season.

gus' $.02
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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