Snoway Downpressure problem

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I went through the process of changing the fluid by taking the reservoir off and cleaning the screen, bleeding the the angle and lift cylinders etc, (major pain in the butt) and now my down pressure does not work. I have not hooked the wires that run to the toggle switch on the pump motor cover back up yet. Do you guys suppose that could be causing the problem? I made some notes to myself when I took the wires off, but when I went back to I couldn't figure my notes out. Figures. Other than that, I don't know what would be keeping the downpressure from kicking on. If anyone knows the wiring for that toggle switch I'd appreciate a refresher. Thanks, Nick.


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Sno-Way DP Problem

Nick, it sounds like you are right. Some how the wiring was put back wrong, which is easy to do. when the wiring to the toggle switch is wrong than the DP won't work. the best solution to your problem is to call Steve at Sno-Way and he can help walk you thru fixing the problem. His number is 1-800-662-1453. I hope that you don't need to use your plow right now. So if you can, call Steve and he'll help fix the problem. Good luck. Hope this helps. :waving:

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