snoway 32 series plow wont move please help!!!


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columbus ohio
I installed new electric motor in plow this year and changed fluid in reservoir. The pump seemed to turn easy by hand when I had motor off. I put it all back together and cleaned all electrical connections. Now when I try to move plow in any direction the motor turns the pump but plow does not move. I thought maybe air in system so I cracked each line and pushed button on wireless remote and fluid comes out each line under pressure squirting out like it should. I manually moved each cylinder by moving plow side to side and moved light bar forward and backward to move the lift cylinder. The plow will not move in any direction, it seems to move fluid in all directions with controller, plow does not move at all. I cannot think of anything that would cause plow not to move when motor is turning pump and has pressure at cylinders. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Johnstown, PA
I had an old 29 V that did thatbut it was only one wing that wouldn't move. Turned out to be the pressure release valve was bad for that wing. Check to see that your valves are working correctly. I would think it's a wiring issue. Did you have any wires off of the valve solenoids?

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