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Got your recent email about this new topic. I realize I shouldn't be posting in this topic because there is almost never any snow in AR. However, I do love snow and when I was a child in Northeastern Ohio I made what seems now a phenominal amount of money with a snow shovel. This was many years ago and I made tween $7. and $10. per driveway from the time I was 12 thru high school years. That seems amazing to me now as my lawn service employees have to work one full hour to earn that much almost 40 years later. I was wondering how much someone gets now to plow a driveway. Thanks for your response. John


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northeastern WI.
my plow does not hit the asphalt for less than 25.00.
granted there are a few old ladies in my village i
do for free. snowplowing that is-- for you gutter brained

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