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Ontario Canada
I cannot believe it!!!! This evening they are calling for 5 - 10cm of snow (2-4inches for the americans) in Hamilton toronto area. On march 26 we rec'd 10cm also. I put away my equipment on Saturday figuring that was it this time but nOOOO!!!! Mother nature must be laughing. I am not complaining really about this winter but now i am ready to do some landscaping. i have signed up several spring cleanups and am not interested in the snow! oh well here we go again.

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north Toronto
its pretty funny-environment canada's been calling for 2 cm all day.

but as late as 2 pm the weather network says close to 10 cm. they have since pulled it back in line with EC.

If leianne pereira wasn't so easy on the eyes what good would the weather network be?

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Erie, PA
We're supposed to get 2" tonight.
60 degrees tomorrow during the day, then another inch tomorrow night and more on Wednesday.....

Go figure.


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Moline, IL
We got about 2-3" today.

It was supposed to get up to 60 degrees here and be sunny! I was out in the morning doing some clean ups and the snow just dumped on us. I guess that's mother natures april fools joke for us.


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Ontario Canada

well everybody we were out last night doing snow removal. started at about 3pm home at 8pm. it was not that bad but it sure was heavy and wet. in early afternoon it was snowing like crazy here, went and got my plow and equipment mother nature was laughing i heard her!!! anyway i hope that was it as i also got a large church property for landscaping this season (signed contract yesterday before the snow started) anyway have fun!!


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Flurries forcast for my area for Friday the 5th and Saturday too. Not unheard of, but not very common either. I remember April 7th, 1975 we got 8" heavy wet snow, two days later it was gone!

I'm ready to pack the equipment away too, started the landscaping this week. Snow will only cause problems at this point.