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Snow: Who Wants it...Who Gots it ?

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Toby, Jan 4, 2005.


Snow: Wants it ? Gots it ?

  1. Snow: Wants it

    62 vote(s)
  2. Snow: Gots it

    32 vote(s)
  1. Toby

    Toby Senior Member
    from NY
    Messages: 132

    Below Average.

    Only Out Once...& Once to Salt.

    Usually 6-8 Times By Now !

    May have to buy the 5 yr old Whisky instead of the 25yr Old if this Keeps Up !
  2. Bolts Indus.

    Bolts Indus. PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,176

    Now we know just how much you are hurting when you talk like that. :nono:
  3. Breck75

    Breck75 Senior Member
    Messages: 111

    They are calling for 3-6" and maybe more. I can only hope. Breck
  4. stumper1620

    stumper1620 Senior Member
    Messages: 222

    hey kevin,
    you must be right near me, just south of BR Mi. i'm waiting as patiently as i can, we need about 6 days straight snow, get that phone ringing, ya know?
    this snow then melt crap ain't helping at all, i want more customers, doing alright with contracts but do better with call ins.
    let it snow, let it snow, let it snow, snow snow snow, we want snow. :drinkup:
  5. Plow King

    Plow King Senior Member
    Messages: 120

    Supposed to have an ice storm tonight...I hate ice but I guess it's better than nothing.

    No plowable snow for at least the next 8 days.
  6. stumper1620

    stumper1620 Senior Member
    Messages: 222

    ooh what a bummer, at least i get to sit here tonight with high hopes for tomorrow & tomorrow night.
    i feel your pain.
  7. Bradlamby

    Bradlamby Junior Member
    Messages: 29

    Calls for about 4 to 8 the next 2 days! :bluebounc hope we get it
  8. The Boss

    The Boss 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,099

    It's snowin like hell here. We've got 9 inches coming. :nod: Good way to start off the first plowing of the season besides a little 1 inch deal last week.
  9. Toby

    Toby Senior Member
    from NY
    Messages: 132

    Poll results indicate that 21 people Wants it and Only 2 Gots it.

    Let's Hope for a Strong Finish. Tracking accumulations for the past ten Years shows a Steady Decline.... 10 years from Now People May Ask "Snow ? What's Snow ?"

    Big Storm Coming in tonight...Time to Put down the Bottle !
  10. Crumm

    Crumm Senior Member
    Messages: 529

    We got it and are still getting it at the moment. I don't know what the deal is here because this time of year it is usually -30 or colder with very little snow fall. It is currently +20 and snowing hard. I think we got about 5" yesterday and are suppose to get 3+ today. My project for today is to shovel the roof and I am not looking forward to it. I figure there is over 2 feet up there and I am sure it is very heavy stuff since it has fell in 3" increments for the most part and had plenty of time to settle. I probably don't need to shovel but I am afraid if we get a couple of big dumps this spring I may end up having to do it anyway and I would rather shovel 2' rather than 4'. I can just leave the second 2'.
  11. mjm725

    mjm725 Junior Member
    from NJ
    Messages: 6

    Haven't even been out yet hopefully tonight. I have seen predictions for my area any where from 1" to 6" I guess we'll see. Hopefully late Jan and Feb get better the temps have been way to warm not even any salting.
  12. LB Landscaping

    LB Landscaping Senior Member
    from Maine
    Messages: 324

    Been out a couple of times with just enough snow to reach my trigger. Sounds like a plowable event for me tomorrow though!!! :bluebounc :bluebounc
  13. stumper1620

    stumper1620 Senior Member
    Messages: 222

    my uncle lives up there by you, moved there in 64, he told me years ago, if you have snow in michigan we don't have it here, if we have it you don't,
    i would have to say he's right seems like thats the way it always goes. :waving:
  14. demetrios007

    demetrios007 Member
    Messages: 79

    I scraped a couple once, and tonight its coming down surely. They're calling for 3"-6" in my neck of NJ-N/NW
  15. Luppy

    Luppy Senior Member
    Messages: 325

    Weatherman is talking 4 - 8" tonight/tomorrow here.
  16. BJH Snow

    BJH Snow Senior Member
    Messages: 142


    We have only received 2.8" so far, about 18 inches less than a normal, this time a year. I have had the opportunity to plow 1.5" of ice/slush/snow combination last weekend.
  17. Breck75

    Breck75 Senior Member
    Messages: 111

    Stumper, I live about 25-30 miles S.E. of you. This is my first year doing this. I have 6 accounts right now, 4 paying and 2 non paying (in-laws). I guess it gives me some more practice. My in-laws are great people and I couldn't begin to charge them. Do people start to call you a lot when it starts to snow? I hope this is the case. Well if not I'll have to try for more next year. Good luck, let me know if you need any help. Kevin :waving:
  18. GTL Inc.

    GTL Inc. Member
    Messages: 30


    Well down here in Fla. We have had a lite winter so far not too many cold days. I think there have been about 3 good cold days , it started out at 28 but as the day went on the temp rose too 74 or so. New years days it was way to warm 88,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Please send a little cold weather down here. :cool:
  19. bald eagle

    bald eagle Junior Member
    Messages: 3


    :cry: -30 YESTERDAY MORNING!!!
    you can have it!
  20. Landscape80

    Landscape80 Senior Member
    Messages: 167

    ya'll suck.......

    Yep, thats right you heard me.........taking all the white gold away from us. I need you guys to truck it over here and dump it on the parking lots. We need something to do. Guess what we got out of the 'big', 'ominous'......storm.....RAIN, not freezing rain, not sleet, sure as hell not snow, but rain. If this keeps up I'll be out mowing the end of this month! :nod: