Snow where is it?

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Hey how many of you guys have plowed this year. We have plowed all of our commercial accounts once, and sanded twice. I haven't had crews at residential accounts at all, last time they were there was march of 98. Thank god for yearly contracts is all i can say. What about you guys?<p>Geoff


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Here in Connecticut, we have not seen any accumulation. No snow is in the forecast, who knows if we'll get any this season. I'd really like a blizzard, but I doubt it.<p>Justin

Eric ELM

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Geoff, I hope you meant, March 99 was the last time. We plowed December 17th after a 2 1/2 inch snow and haven't plowed since. Our next chance is next Tuesday after getting rain Monday. Maybe then we will get enough and I'll send it your way. :)<p>----------<br>Eric@ELM<br>

GeoffD Veteran
yea i did mean march of 99. Right now they are talking rain for tuesday, it is rare for us to have rain change to snow. I don't know about you but we haven't even had rain lately.<p>Geoff

DaveO Veteran
It rained here (Boston) this past Tuesday night. Downpours, wind driven, must have got a couple of inches...Only snow I have seen was a snow squall end of November. Lasted 20 minutes, coated everything, was gone an hour later. Nothing in the forecast either. Reminds me of 3 years ago when all we got was two 2 inch storms. Hope it changes soon!!! Maybe another April fools blizzard???<p><br>Dave

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We're waiting for it in Michigan too. <br>Plowed once on December 28th, it wasn't a big deal. <br>Although we have gotten about 8 salt apps in. Went out this morning. It was a suprise! A snow squall that left a light dusting about 6:00am. We were on the road salting at 7:00am trying to get throught the route, by 9:30 the sun came out and melted everything. Unfortunatly we didn't get throught the whole route, at least we got some of it down.<br>Rain on Sunday and Monday, but there is a chance of snow on Tuesday.<br>Awaiting the big storm.<p>Andy

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Central CT
Absolutely no snow yet in central CT. No real ice to speak of either, some freezing fog last weekend but that was it.<p>Did a cleanup the 6th, crocuses were up and budded. Never saw them this early here.<p>Inquired about opening an account at the local turf farm, the receptionist made a comment how, since its Jan and the ground isnt frozen yet the weather will play catch-up, expect snow in March and April to mess with the cleanups, probably wont have turf til early May, same thing happened a few years back and I didnt mow the first lawn til May1.<p>Bill


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We sanded once last Sat night, freezing fog. But we had one of our accounts that had a broken water line and it flowed out over the parking area and down the hill. We applied 2 ton of mix, and 150 lbs of coated salt. It worked great, and by this pm most of it melted off. It was on the north side, so no sun to help. They are closed on SUn, but we will do a drive by Mon am to check on refreezing. <p>----------<br> Professional Ice and Snow Management <br>Products:Services:Equipment


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Not doing too bad here in the west side of Cleveland. Plowed about 2/3 of my jobs on December 24 and plowed them all on December 27 and once again on December 28. We only get about 10 plows per season so were about on track.

in akron ohio here and we have not had much close to average ---2 plows 6 or so saltings<p>was out in colorado last week they were not having much either<p>doug

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