Snow Stake Suppliers?

Chuck Smith

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I am looking for 2" x 2" x 48" snow stakes. Hardwood, and pre sharpened. If anyone knows of any suppliers, please reply, or e mail me.



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I'll check with a friend he's used 2x2x48" hardwood wood stakes for years, I think he got them from a garden supply as they were used to stake up tomato plants. He just painted the top foot on them orange.

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Chuck - Amish country east of Cleveland has a bunch of saw mills where they'll make anything for you... and they're in expensive relatively speaking.

Try calling Peter Gail at Goosefoot Acres 216-932-2145. He works with the Amish a ton and would know suppliers that you should talk to. That is... if you want to deal this far West. He might also know of Amish in Eastern PA too that could do the trick.

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Chuck - I know that it does not match your description but you would want to check this out.

I don't know how much the 2 x 2 x 48" sharpened hardwood stakes costs each, but I would say it would not be far from the cost for fiberglass stakes. I do not want to bring up negative comment, but do you know how hard it is to stakes in those 2 x 2 wood stakes? It will be alot of workout with sledgehammer even if the wood stakes is sharpened. I have used a few of them and it is a pain driving them into the ground. Also the head of the wood stakes would mash and break from sledgehammer. When the season is over, it also is a pain getting them out of ground. Also it can break if run over by something.

Last year I decided to buy orange fiberglass stakes with reflection on the top of stakes. It is easy to drive them into the ground, no tools needed. And when it is time to take it out just pull it out. The additional features I like is the bright orange color and reflection on it so that way I can see it especially during the night. They are unbreakable even if run over by something. I had a pile of snow pushed the stakes over and when it melted the stakes returned to its original position. In my opinion I think it is worth the cost of stakes. It looks more professional and it will last for years.

I am not trying to encourage you to change your mind. I am just trying to give you some info. on fiberglass stakes that I used because I think it is better to use than hardwood stakes.

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Chuck, Check the local nurseries for tree stakes. If thay cant get you a good deal on the ammount, just ask who thay use.

I'm going to post an update on the other thread about my PVC idea & how it went.

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