Snow Snow Snow


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Phila, Burbs
72 here in phila..........broke the old record by 8 degrees.

this isn't natural. cashed a check today from one of my customers and the teller read the bottom of the check (snow removal) and started laughing.:(

Better days are coming


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Somerset, NJ
Ouch!! LOL Nothing worse than the general public laughing at us along with the weatherguessers. I was wearing a SIMA t-shirt yesterday with shorts enjoying the 70 degree weather. While at the Post Office a guy walked by & said "not this year". I didn't know what he was talking about and he then mentioned my shirt. "Thanks buddy" LOL

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Woke up at 6:00a.m.this morning to 2" of the white stuff. Just got home from pushing 3" in northwest Indiana. By the end of the day it already started to melt. Now it is starting to stick again. Supposed to get another 3" tonight. We will see!


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It's about time!!!! I was out from 6:30 Wednesday night till 6 p.m. Thursday. This includes my regular job from 1:30am-7:30am Thursday. So actual plowing time around 15 hours. Night bad for my first time with my own truck.


GreenBay, WI
I had some fun this morning!

5-6" of snow!

First real workout for my plow. What a blast! It is now 9:00 and sunny. They are predicting flurries for rest of weekend and a lot of drifting.

Anyone here from the Milwaukee area? I heard you are getting rain ontop of lastnights 6" of snow. Is this true? What a mess.

Could it be that winter has finally arrived in NE WI? I'll keep you posted.

My only mistake was not bringing my plow to work this morning. Our contractor didn't show up. I could have made some quick cash with our parking lot. 250+ spaces plus about a acre of warehouse lots. Next time.


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Well, after 30 hours of plowing the nastiest, wettest, heaviest snow I have seen in a long time, I finally got to get some sleep! This snowfall almost makes up for the months of snowless winter. The 3-4" of heavy wet snow felt like 18" of powder in front of the blade. Now we just need 8 more events and I will be a happy plower.

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Erie, PA
Zero degrees here in Salt Lake City... got 3 feet of snow last Monday night, but sunny skies and COLD now....

Wednesday night it got to 24 below at some of our sites, and 65 below at one of the ski resorts.....

Yo... that's cold.....

Glad you guys are finally getting some snow..... go get 'em !!


Western CT

That heavy snow is typically what we plow here in southern New England. It can get pretty heavy out in front of a truck. I often pull the wings off when we get the real wet snows. Just a little less stress on the trucks.

The other problem with the heavy snow is that it does not roll and cast to the side like the lighter powder does.

Of course I would love to plow any snow right now. :)

rick barnes

Glad for you all getting snow

Plow Meister

Thanks for hogg'in it all up at your eng of the state., while you were plowing for 30 hrs I was down here in central indiana working in the trees & yard. First time I ever trimmed trees in Jan and had to ditch the heavy coat.

NEVER seen anything like this in all my years

anyway get some rest & get ready for more next month

Will plow if needed


matthew Urban

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Western Mass
we did get winter, but not the white stuff.
All its done here is sleet and ice, since last night.
While I don't do much sand/slat work it has proved somewhat lucrative.
I made a few $ pulling a car off a lawn up the road from work.
I suppose I'll take what I can get.

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