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I buy the plastic ones from Home Depot they are black handled with a blue shovel. Roughly $8.00 bucks each, I bought a dozen last year and still have 11 in service. Or you could by the gas powered 8h.p. models:D

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Fisher ;) .

Funny you asked. A new customer asked me about scooping from her drive to her door. If it can't be done from the cab of a truck, I don't do it. Really, it had just never come up before. Then today, the wife asked where our snow shovel is. We don't have one and haven't had for a couple of years.

You might want to look into those ergonomically designed shovels. Looks like they'd be a whole lot easier on the back. I'd say get an aluminum one for durability.


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I bought one of the plastic and aluminum portable types, with the retractable handle. It has a scoop for a blade and is light. I would not start lifting ice or scrape with it, but it is great for a quick clean up near a garage or whatever. Easy to store, it's light and you can put in the cab if you had to.


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Each of my employees (all sidewalk shovelers!) all like a different shovel.

One likes the plastic "grain" scoop and 8 HP blower.
One likes the straight aluminum.
One likes the short Curved aluminum

I like the 345 Hp kind!

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For me, plastic push shovels. I dont like the shovels where you have to take a shovel full, then throw it, then repeat. I tried a push shovel for the hell of it and never went back to the regular kind anymore. The ones we have here and at my shop are the plastic push ones, some I got at Home Depot which are the orange color with wooden handle and some I got somewhere else which I cant think of right now, but they are a like a maroon color plastic with wood handle also. To me the push ones seems to make more sense and seems you can move more snow quicker. Id never use a metal one, snow sticks to them and they are heavier, and when snow sticks to them, they get pretty heavy, also they seem to not slide so well on the ground and wanna get stuck on every high spot, whereas plastic seems to glide over roughness easier. Mike
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If I can make a suggestion to all of you, being a former employee of the sidewalk type.....

Buy shovels that have long poles.... and ones that you can attatch the handle to.....

Here is the reason why:

When you put on the handle attatch it so the grab handle perpendicular to the shovel..... so up and down as if you are shaking hands with the shovel instead of palm downward...... More push power, less stress on the wrist and easier to use....

Take one of your shovels and try it.... it works


Snow Shovel ???
Would that be the same as a "Stick Plow" don't use them. For some reason they don't fit my hands, besides it hard to drive the truck operating the plow, and use a shovel also! :) :)


rick barnes

snow shovel ??

They'll cause HEART ATTACKS, don't use one can't stear the truck very well with one of those things in my hand.

we have 2 shovlers on the crew 1 uses the flat type & the Craftsman garden tractor with a 48" blade for sidewalks , the other guy uses the pusher type & a 5 hp. Toro for small drives. the shovels don't get used much but they have thrown business our way. Some accounts like for us to get up close & to the doors

There is a janitorial firm in my town that does a lot of the small doorways & walks, while we plow the lots. coulpe of yrs ago I started this service & added to the $$'s on some accts and added new accts. So as bad as I don't want to use a shovel I am stuck with a couple of them

might get to plow tonite again, If we do this is #3 this season, thats all we had all last year




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ok i'll quite being a smart a$$ and try to get back on topic here. last year i bought a few for our sidewalk crews from sears. thick black plastic shovel with a red handle. very sturdy and well built. even has the craftsman warranty. no signs of wear yet. i think they were about $15 a piece.


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Hey GG did you get any sleep before you wrote that ???
Man don't shovel just call me and we'll come pull you out.

BTW got home at 5:30 and slept till 4pm today:drinkup:

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I was following a city plow truck a few years back and one of there shovels flew off the truck, I pulled over and got it but couldn't catch them to let them know so I inherited a nice shovel. It strong as hell, metal with a wooden handle.

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Alot of guys like to know how we do things. I don't often endorse any product. However, in this case......

Poly Snow Pusher
Easy on the back.
Increased productivity.
Employees cannot "shovel" with them, must "push" with them so as not to strain back.
Can be ordered mail order from Emsco Group, Inc., Girard, PA
$11.50 each plus shipping. Comes packed 6 to a case.

It's all we use, and all we'll allow our people to use.

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