snow removal equipment graveyards?

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about two weeks ago, i stumbled across a plow graveyard (right off exit 46 on the merrit parkway). there must've been like 20 plows. all of them were one-ways, except for a few manual angles, and 2 v-plows. there were also a v-box sander, and some replacement tailgate spreaders, and a single stage sicard self-contained snowblower. it doesn't look like the town or whoever own(ed)(s) them uses them anymore. it seemed like a waste to just leave the stuff in the woods. does your town, or any contractors leave their stuff in the woods? have you ever gotten any stuff from the woods? anything good? when i get my liscense, i plan to go around with a trailer, and rescue some old stuff and mix it up. here are some picts of the graveyard:<center><img src=""><p><img src=""><p><img src=""><p><img src=""><p>

sorry for the long post,

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Some day

I plan to restore, the 50 year old Jeep and Fisher plow, that my dad started the company with. He bought that jeep and plow like 50 years ago. Some day it will be restored, only right now it has weeds growing up through it.


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