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This is our first appearance on this board, and I have to compliment you all on the great site! I am a member of Degelman Industry’s Research & Development team. I am sure that if you are in the plowing industry, you are familiar with our name, but for those of you that are not, here is the scoop. We are an agriculture equipment manufacturer (located in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada) with a 40-year reputation of building the industries most durable dozer blades. Management has given us the green light to develop snow removal equipment, a missing link in our dozer line! We are specifically targeting a box plow design, to start with. This is where all you people, as plow users come into play. We develop our products all based on user input. If you were to design a box plow, what would want to see in it for features? Are there weaknesses in what is already available to the industry that we can refine? Just remember it is you, as users, who will be shaping our product. Any input we can get will be greatly appreciated.

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Thankyou to all who contacted us to provide input! We appreciate your ideas and time. It is you as users that are shaping our new product line!

Thanks again

Steve Shultz
Mechanical Design & Technical Services
Degelman R&D

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