Snow proposal?


Hey fellers i was wondering if anyone could send me a proposal they use for snow only (plowing and salting) I have an apartment complex im sending a proposal in on for the turf but they want a separate one for the snow too. I would like to get as many as possible please. By the way whats the going rate for these complexes? I can wipe it out with 2 trucks plow and salt with no problem in i guess a few hours. My bud charges one of his commercial places 100$ an hour and per pound of salt laid. This sound right?



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I have a link there to my proposal, and rates are very regional, what I get payed to do an apt complex in SE CT will vary what you get to do one in MD and will vary to what JA gets to do one in ERIE PA.
Ask other contractors in your area what they are plowing for, then subtract at least 30%, cause every time I give any numbers to people in my area I always over quote, unless they are very close to me.

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