Snow Plows with Tracks

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  1. Rondo

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    Does anyone have a vehicle with tracks that is used for snow plowing? :drinkup:

    snowcat 1.jpg

    Tracked Polaris.jpg
  2. K20Fisher

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    No but I'm going to buy a atv with tracks to snowblow or plow a driveway and to play around in the snow with.
  3. OP

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    Homemade Track Vehicles

    I would like to build something like this converted semi vehicle. [first picture] Toyota body and tracks wrapped around 12 semi tires. I recently called a company in MN to price out the bolt on track sets that fit on a pickup or Blazer. Get this!!! $24.000 Dollars!! Yes that's not a mistake! Yikes, I guess I'll have to build one myself. :dizzy:
    Any ideas??

    Track truck. Sno Blaz, Blaz in Mud.jpg
  4. JCStrasser

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    This climbs Mt Washington NH during the winter:


    This is one company that supplies vehicle track conversions:
  5. Ex1900Driver

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    Those are just... well, I was amazed when I visited the website and saw all the different things they could do with tracks instead of tires.

  6. Pat M

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    Tracks are an amazing thing. I have a set for my Grizzly 660 and it is amazing with the snowbanks you can climb with them. I will try to take some pics today if not a video and post it up. Next is to get a set of tracks for my wife's Rhino and see what that thing can do. I know there is a video with a set of tracks on an original H1. An H1 going through everything is amazing, but seeing it with a set of track is really amazing.
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    Got anymore pics of that first vehicle? The orange toyota with tracks. doug