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Snow Plowing with a Wrangler

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by abujadd, Dec 29, 2002.

  1. abujadd

    abujadd Junior Member
    from Ohio
    Messages: 2

    I have a 1989 Wrangler, 4.2 I-6 with a lot of miles. I plan on Snowplowing Driveways and Sidewalks. I also wouldn't mind clearing small parking lots.
    Will this Jeep be sufficient for the application? What would be the ideal snowplow for my Jeep?
    I wouldn't mind buying a used plow, since I don't plan on going too big with the snow plowing business.
  2. MLB

    MLB Senior Member
    Messages: 110

    Jeeps are nice for small areas, easy to manuveur. You will beat up the steering and suspension though, they aren't heavy duty for plowing.
    I would assume the smaller the better in a plow. 7'6"?
    If it's got lots of miles you're ready for a front end rebuild anyway, so put some money away to do that after plow season. About $300 from Performance Suspension (parts only).
  3. JohnnyU

    JohnnyU 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,040

    I think a 7'6" is a little much for a wrangler, maybe a 7' would better suit your needs. I was plowing with a guy last year that could turn sideways and push the snow off drives like that. Probably the best setup for drives i've seen yet. I think he had a 6.5' Meyer on it. Cleaned pretty good and held that smaller plow pretty well. If you want to do some smaller commercial lots a set of Turk-Key or ProWings would probably be a good idea to sped up that process. thats a good driveway rig, IMO
  4. Mike 97 SS

    Mike 97 SS Banned
    from U.S.A.
    Messages: 1,106

    Yea id say a 6' if there is such a size, or a 6.5' at most. Something light. I see Jeeps with Sno-Way quite often, maybe that is the way to go. Mike
  5. Pelican

    Pelican 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,075

    You can't beat a Jeep for maneuvering, but you won't be able to push huge amounts of snow. It's ideal for wide sidewalks, tight driveways and clean up work in parking areas, But I wouldn't attempt parking lots alone.
  6. mdb landscaping

    mdb landscaping Senior Member
    Messages: 823

    i used to plow with a 93 wrangler with a 7 foot western on the front. it was a great plow vehicle. It plowed some serious snow and was great and maneuverable. i dont think it could handle a 7.5 footer or bigger though.
  7. paul soccodato

    paul soccodato Senior Member
    Messages: 430

    i have a 93 jeep wrangler 4.0l with a 6'6" western uni-mount (standard blade, not the lsx junk). for driveways and sidewalks it cant be beat. i use it, along with my f-350 to do the commercial lots. manuverability is it biggest plus. its a great little plow truck, just dont try to move mountains with it, it wont do it. example, this last snow event we had, the snow was some tough pushing. if i went into a long driveway with the blade angled, as the snow piled up it would push the whole truck over to the side. just not enough weight behind it. overall, it does pretty good.
  8. snowplowjay

    snowplowjay Banned
    Messages: 890

    96 cherokee sport with 4.0 and a 6.5 western plows like crazy. That 4.0 is a great engine.

  9. Tommy10plows

    Tommy10plows Senior Member
    Messages: 345

    Wrangler for plowing

    My vote is for jeeps exclusively. They are the best for manuverability, easy to service, and you can stack 'em back to back in a standard garage with the plows off. I use 6.5 Myers and 6.5 westerns on the CJ-5's. Most of mine use the 4 cylinder engines, and with low range and 5:38 gears nobody is stopping them guys. I would rather plow with a Jeep than any other product. My Jeep pickup uses a Myers plow, and it is a monster in the snow. With a load of wood on the back it will run through anything 7.50 x 16 firestone snows on that one, and the same on the CJ's, but I also chain in the front and will chain all four wheels if the snow is deep enough or the driveway steep enough.

    I run Monarch Hy-lo's for lift and power angle. Belt driven and simple. No electrical drain, and no wallet pain!

    I have done them all in the jeeps, walkways, residentials, insurance company lots, grocery store lots, and medical office lots. By far and away the best all around plow vehicle there is.

    If the front end is a bit soft you can add a leaf or two very easily to pick up the front end.

    It is easy to back drag with a Jeep due to its short length, but you don't need to back drag in a Jeep CJ, you just swing wide and cut in and your pile is along side the garage just like that.

    Jeeps are cheap to keep and make a clean sweep. Love 'em.
  10. plowman777

    plowman777 Senior Member
    Messages: 227

    does anyone use ballast in their jeep?
  11. Tommy10plows

    Tommy10plows Senior Member
    Messages: 345

    Jeep ballast

    nohting like a big toolbox and a toro blower in the back of a CJ to crowd things up a bit, gotta tilt the toro to get it in, but that is all I like to carry in a CJ.
  12. Pelican

    Pelican 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,075

    Tommy, I'm not quite sure where you stand on this issue...:confused:
  13. Jerre Heyer

    Jerre Heyer Senior Member
    Messages: 948

    Wranglers make good plow units. Mopar offers and suggest an air shock kit for the front when using a plow.

    There part # is 82202562 avail from the Jeep dealer. Western standand or Sport Utility plows work good. We prefer the sport Util. Good construction. Only down side is small cutting edge. Replace it with a standard cutting edge when they wear down. Jerre
  14. abujadd

    abujadd Junior Member
    from Ohio
    Messages: 2

    Plowing with a Wrangler

    You guys have been great. One more question though:
    Which is a better Jeep, Manual or Automatic Transmission?
  15. Mike 97 SS

    Mike 97 SS Banned
    from U.S.A.
    Messages: 1,106

    Thats pretty much a personal preference and up to you. Most here I think would say go with an automatic. We had a manual trans. vs. automatic trans. for plowing thread here a while back and I remember that "most" people here agreed that automatic was the way to go, not all, but most. Its really what you like and feel comfortable with, a stick to me is just something else to do while plowing. I like automatic. Mike
  16. phillyplowking1

    phillyplowking1 Senior Member
    Messages: 412

    I have a 1975 jeep cj5 with a 6.5 meyers its a great plow truck for small areas.
  17. JohnnyU

    JohnnyU 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,040

    Im not sure about the early 90's and late 80's jeeps, but my friend has a 98 with a 3sp auto. She gets terrible mileage. I know another guy that got the std. trans in his wrangler(5sp) and claims to get a best of 22mpg. auto is better in my opinion for plowing, but id get used to to manual if there was the big mileage difference.
  18. L.I.Mike

    L.I.Mike Senior Member
    Messages: 370

    I used to plow with a CJ-7 until I blew the motor and I turned it in to a project. Very tight turning radius but a light truck and it had problems when the snow was wet or deep. I hit a man hole cover that spun it in a circle once. I had a 7 foot meyer plow on it that was OK, would not go bigger than that.
    Great for driveways small lots.
  19. mike9497

    mike9497 Senior Member
    Messages: 466

    if you beef up the front end i would go with a 7 but i would stick with a 6.6 poly.steel plow is good to.i had one with a 6.6 steel with a 4 banger 5 speed worked out well i feel.it was a 97 jeep little newer than yours but all the same goodies

    DCSSTEVE Junior Member
    Messages: 1

    Plowing tough with a Jeep

    I found this site searching for information on plowing with a Wrangler. I have spent twelve years plowing with a CJ7 and a 6.5 Western Standard plow. I just bought a YJ 1993 Wrangler and the ST-7 Meyer plow gets put on next week. I live at 9,300’ in Southern Colorado and I wanted to change to a fuel-injected vehicle and get a new plow.

    First my CJ experience. Every winter I put chains on all four wheels and park the CJ and plow in the garage. When it snows it can be a whole bunch or not too much. This is tough dirt ranch plowing. I plow a 1/2 mile of driveway, parking area, around the barn and the horse runs. I use my CJ to plow 2 feet- plus of snow. I plow until it won't plow any more. It is l limited due to vehicle weight but with aggressive driving it’s amazing what it will move. I have never broken the Jeep but the Western Plow is getting fatigued and now some of the welds are giving way.

    There is nothing faster than the Jeep when it can move the snow. I love the maneuverability and the toughness. With the chains and by raising the blade it can almost always extract itself when it gets stuck. Sometimes we get four feet of snow or more and I have to fight wind packed drifts. For that I will use my 70HP tractor and eight foot snow blower. However, as soon as I get the bad part moved, I use the Jeep to clean it up.

    Now for the Wrangler, I am hoping it does as well. It will be sporting a new Meyer 7' blade. The Western people no longer recommend and do no allow their authorized dealers to install 6.5 or 7' standard blades on Jeeps, The lawyers told them its not a good idea. Even telling them about my 12-year experience did not change their mind. They wanted me to buy the Sport Utility version. I would quickly destroy this lighter weight plow. The Jeep can lift and move up to a 7-foot blade with great agility. Do not go bigger though.

    The YJ Wrangler has leaf springs like the CJ and is heavier duty than the newer TJ (1997-2004). Also, I installed a BDS 2.5-inch lift kit that replaces the leaf springs with heaver duty ones. It now feels much more like the CJ.

    I will let you all know how the Wrangler does compared to the CJ. The driveline is not quite a tough but I am hoping it’s adequate. Meyer recommends the ST-7 for the YJ Wrangler so I left Western for Meyer. They only recommend a ST 6.5 for the TJ Wrangler. The Meyer ST-7 weighs 200 lbs more then the Western Standard 7’. I am looking forward to the increased weight to help keep my cutting edge down.

    Will report back later this winter.