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with the residentials i look at it this way.i like having my driveway a driveway doesn't have as much traffic as a parking lot so its more likely to turn into ice where the parking lots turn into slush under 3 so you just have to go in and residentials don't want sanding.but the past two storms up here i plowed all the accounts with only 2 inches or less of snow
Mostly all of our stuff is commercial,all are 2" triggers for plowing.Anything less just gets burnt off with salt.

Same goes for the limited residentials we have.Will sometimes go out for a little less to keep em happy.

Setting your trigger too low (for plowing),kills your chances for salting smaller amounts = $$$$$


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When I did commercial we hit everything, if it dusted or rained and was going to freeze, up to a max of 2" for the ones who really liked to wait. If they did not want the early detection package, they had to sign all sorts of wavers. The residential were allowed to goto 4", because they were all per push, with a price over for 6" in the same occurance. I can understand the benifits of seasonal, but I like having the contract state that if I am not there when needed, they need to call. Provides a little extra piece of mind, expecially when you have areas that are 10 miles away that can get 4-6 when you get dusted.

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Residentials are 2" trigger along with some commercials. About 70% of our commercials are 1" trigger. We salt 'em too.

I tried burning down about 3/4" the other day with salt, I was disappointed with the results. I was applying about 400 lbs/acre, a little heavier than I'd normally go. Are you guys really burning down 1.5" to 2" with salt? And if you are, how much are you applying per acre? Does it matter what the moisture content is when burning down snow?

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Hey Doug-

I've noticed a big difference in melting 1-2 inches of snow depending on when you get the salt down. If its down at the first flakes, it will seem to melt much more snow, and I get by with less. If I miss the beginning, and try to melt an inch already down, its much less likely I will be sucessful.

If it turns into a two inch event, I usually am out reapplying by mid day to keep it from turning white because of the dilution factor.


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These are some interesting triggers, amazing how much things differ from area to area... Business to business..

All my commercials are keep clear accounts so any snow at all and I plow. Having said that, I do wait till either 2-3" in a storm or till after the storm if less to plow. Dont want to dry up the wells.

My residentials dont really have a trigger, I just plan on doing them when the snow reaches 1" to 1.5" depending on the forcast.

They let me call the shots.
Pretty much play it by ear, watch the forcast, radar and temp.

If we get 1" but forcast is for 40 degrees, I wont plow. If we get 1" and the forcast is for three days of 15 degrees, I plow.

If they wish any trigger higher than that I have them call in. I figure they either dont trust my decision or they dont really have the money so I let them budget and call all the shots by calling.

Call ins start calling at around 2 - 3" on a first call first serve.

I get swamped with phone calls if we get 6-8"

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