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  1. Eric ELM

    Eric ELM Husband, Father, Friend, Mentor, Angel
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    Would everyone that has read the Posting Guidelines in the past few days since I had an announcement about this in the announcement at the top, please post here that you have read it. This will keep this up at the top and it will be an easy post to add to your count.

    We have had several advertisements on here today that were not in the Equipment Marketplace. This is the only place you can advertise and the cost is $18 for 6 weeks. This includes if you are looking for something to buy also. This also includes asking what something is worth and saying you are selling it. It's just a sneaky way of saying, "I have a mower for sale". An example is: I am selling my 48" W/B and it is 2 years old with 600 hours on it, what do you think it's worth?

    It will be OK to ask what something is worth in any forum as long as you DO NOT say you are selling it.

    I posted this in an announcement for 2 days asking everyone to read the updated Posting Guidelines, but evidently, several haven't read it or just don't care. I have been removing the posts and then emailing the person about this. It says in the posting guidelines that violations could result in losing your memberships. It would save me a lot of work by just clicking on a spot in the offenders profile that would ban him or her. This is a lot of extra work for me and from now on, I won't have as much time and don't want to just start banning, but it is so easy to do.

    Please take time to read Posting Guidelines and then post here that you did. This should keep this up at the top for a long time. Please make this job as easy as possible for me and the moderators. :)
    Thanks for your time.

    Edited and added on

    I got several emails about clarification on asking the value of things. I made some changes up above on this and all changes are in bold like this is. I did not write that very well and I apologize. I guess I assumed everybody saw the post I had to remove which had a simular post like my example, but very few if any did see it since I removed it shortly after it was posted. I agree there is a need to ask what something is worth as long as you are buying something and this should be just fine.


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  2. Alan

    Alan Addict
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    OK,, I read it

    Does it violate the rules if I say that many more days like today and I'll sell the whole enchilada for pennies on the dollar? :(
  3. cat320

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    Eric I kinda of dis agree with asking a price on a piece of equipment.If I'm in ma i'm not going to go to florida to buy something that i could get here.Besides It's good to get the input of what other people might think a truck,lawnmower or what ever is worth.So if i saw a truck in my area and asked some one if it was a good buy that would in your rules ban me from this site becuase some one that might have that very same truck could tell me if i was getting ripped off or not.Belive me I don't want to be the one that is a sneek in your words but by saying that you can't ask how much something is worth i think is wrong.I know that most of us look to one another for imput on these types of things.Another example Say I saw a sander for sale in my area and i asked if a 2 season old steel v box is worth 3,000 that would mean that i'm selling one ,I don't think so.If your in the business you know that stuff breaks some stuff sooner than other brands.So if I know that I would be paying to much for that v box or what ever I or someone else is looking at it helps ,me any ways to shoot prices and info about equipment and stuff.Not every one is buying or selling stuff from this site.Thank you for understanding.
  4. 75

    75 Addict
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    Eric - I've read the new posting guidelines also.

    Alan - dare I ask just what happened today?
  5. nsmilligan

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  6. plowking35

    plowking35 2000 Club Member
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    In the words of Dr. Evil
  7. slplow

    slplow Veteran
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    OK, I read it.
  8. OP
    Eric ELM

    Eric ELM Husband, Father, Friend, Mentor, Angel
    from Chicago
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    If I was to say I am looking at a used truck and they are asking $15,000 for a 97 Ford F250 with 30,000 miles on it, is this a fare price? That would be fine. If I said I'm selling a 97 Ford F250 with 30,000 miles, what do you think it's worth? This could be just a sneaky way of advertising on here. BTW, my F250 isn't for sale. :)

    This job is getting harder to do as we get more members and since the pay forum for selling items.

    A person can find out the value of something by just asking what it's worth too. Just don't say, I am selling this item in the question and you will be fine.

    Does this help?
  9. Dockboy

    Dockboy Guest
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  10. diggerman

    diggerman Senior Member
    from Ames
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    Ok I read it,sorry it took so long but I have been able to find other things to do the last couple weeks.Things seem to be getting real strict around here.
  11. Deere John

    Deere John Senior Member
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    Check - very similar to the rules @ home :D

    Q: no links to other forums allowed. I found this forum via a link provided by Dino in the 6.2-6.5 diesel page last year. How come? We all have interests that cross and may not be a part of the mandate of Lawnsite - why not share those as a part of sharing the balance of our wisdom here?
  12. Mike Williams

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    I read it!
    Mike in IDAHO
  13. bob

    bob Veteran
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    Re: Cat320

    Wow!, If I was a Lawyer, I could twist Eric's statement all around!

    [Edited by bob on 04-12-2001 at 11:12 PM]
  14. Bryan

    Bryan Senior Member
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    read it, I think I had the picture long ago,LOL
  15. plowjockey

    plowjockey Sponsor
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    I'm selling my aknowledgement that I read the posting guidlines. What do you think it is worth. LOL.

    Yes Eric I read them too. You have a hard job to do here and I think you do it quite well.

    Just my $.02 (not a price)

  16. Mike Nelson

    Mike Nelson Senior Member
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    okie dokie
  17. firedog

    firedog Member
    from midwest
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    ok by me

    DYNA PLOW Senior Member
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    Roger that big daddy hauler.
  19. Winterworks

    Winterworks Veteran
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    read it thanks
  20. Wilburn Parks

    Wilburn Parks Veteran
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