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Hi snow guys and gals

I have a question about snow plowing contracts. How do you set them up. for the year per snow per hour on call? I anyone has a contract that they wound not mind letting me see that would be great. Thanks for the help.


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All of ours are on a per Push/Salt basis but alot of people use seasonal contracts where they are paid a set ammount a month to be on call. We do some subcontracting on a per hour basis but we do not contract for it, it is all done on an as needed basis when we have time to help out a friend. I am not sure but i think chuck has a link to a Sample contract on his website...

Chuck Smith

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Yes, I have a link to a sample contract on my site. The contract is actually here:

It is a sample provided by plowking35.

Remember, this is just a generic contract. You can adapt it and tailor it to suit your needs. There are many different formats of contracts. Some are many pages long, and others are only one page. You need to find what works for you. The best thing to do is take a look at as many different ones you can, and write your own using elements from each of them that suit your situation, or particular account.

SIMA provides it's members with a few sample contracts, and members are very willing to help other members, especially when it comes to wording contracts. The MDLA also has a sample contract for it's members to use. They are a Detroit based Association.




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