snow plow prep


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When does everyone get there snow equipment ready?And what about plow maintanence? when do you change your fluids and what kind can you put in,my diamond only takes takes the blue stuff and not atf fluid.

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I'm probably going to start getting my plow ready in september. My SnoWay takes hydraulic fluid rather than ATF too. I'll probably do everything at once... flush the system, painting, install my U-edge, and I'm seriously considering getting some rust-proofing spray from Amsoil to try out this winter.


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We start working on our fleet around april. In june I added a second mechanic / welder, I have wanted to do this for many years. However our "mechanical" shop has been too small. We now have a larger 3 Bay shop.

1. Light service bay Small engines (has a side entrance to the front of bay 1. )
2. Light Trucks Rangers - F 550 with a lift
3. Heavy Service F 650- Aero Max with a lift
4. Heavy Equipment / Trailers / Fab work.

My second mechanic will began working on spreaders in august. Then we works to truck blades, then to equipment blades.

In Early October trucks come in for Fall "overhaul". The truck is taken in to the shop, stripped down, steam cleaned, all the fluids are changed, every part inspected.

The plow trucks are serviced first, followed by equipment. Our rangers are being serviced this week.


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Well since I don't have a garage or any shelter from the elements at all, I start the maintainance about September 1st . All the fluids changed and all the plows are hooked up and checked for leaks . The trucks are daily drivers so if there is a problem it usually is fixed very quickly .
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I am starting to think about it now. Had to order an owners manual for my plow I just got this spring. It has had about 3 years of service on it and believe me, where I live, the snow is unpredictable. Should a 3 year old plow have that much rust on it??? Anyway, it just had better snow this year because with this drought, my business is in creeper gear:(


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Plow prep

You can never start prepping too soon! Plows should be cleaned, sanded and painted as early as possible ( I prefer doing it in early spring... right after the last plowing event) The trucks can be worked on through out the spring and summer, but I would seriously recommend oil changes and filter changes just before the first plowing event. Truck winterization should alos be done early, as should belts and hoses.

Changing the fluid in the plows should be done early fall so you have time to replace fittings and hoses as necessary. Nothing worse than seeing snow starting to fall, and realizing that you need to change a hose on the angle piston, its 2:00 and you don't have a spare hose.

Since the earliest snow I can recall in my area was Thanksgiving (many years ago) I strive to have everything done by the Nov. 1st. , If you have an early snow season, plan to have them done earlier.

I suggest that you check out Chuck Smith's page has a lot of good maintenance tips.
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