Snow on the way

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by GeoffD, Oct 28, 2000.

  1. GeoffD

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    Well the weather forcast are talking about snow for maine. Not sure what we will end up with, for accumulations if any. I know the fort kent is forcasted to get 6 to 10"

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    I saw that on TWC and thought about you. Hopefully you get some white stuff where you are!!
  3. OP

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    I am ready on the equipment end. We could plow no problem if we had to. However we have yet to mark drives and parking lots. Not all my contracts are in yet, because the last day is 10/31/00. If we have to plow, it's going to be a toss up on if we should plow with out a contract or not. We have had early snows before, but have always had all the contracts in.

    Bill I guess you were right on this one.

  4. snow

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    40% chance here tomorrow

    well, i guess someone paid al roker off finally :). I had heard that we might get snow flurries tomorrow, but didn't believe it. I would be ready if we got accumulation now that my trailer is registered and i can transport my equipment on it. my snowblowers are in good shape, and the shovels are ready. the magic salt is not at my house yet.


    p.s- geoff, please email me, i need to tell you something off forum

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    Our forecast is for rain/snowshowers. Wind is REAL strong right now, temp has dropped to just above freezing. I doubt we will get any accumulation. Weathermen say YOU will. It's been a LOT of years since I have seen snow in October around here. Maybe we'll have a REAL winter this year.



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  6. OP

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    11 PM news, reports 4" to 7" possible, by Monday AM. Plows and sanders are going on the trucks. I didn't even get my leaves picked up this year at my house. Oh well.

    However the weather service has yet to give accumulations, or a winter storm warning or advisory.


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    Geoff are you located in Maine? Our landscape company is outside of the Portland area. We serve from Falmouth to Naples.
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    Thursday the 26th I wrote, "You folks in northern New England better be ready this weekend, theres the potential for the first snow of the season Sat and Sun. Coastal storm vs. Canadian jet stream = some sort of cold wet stuff." One response: "Nope. Not gonna happen." Another: "I second that one, and i am further north than John. Bill your computer may have the "snow virus", if you are getting your weather off the net."

    Here in CT its been snow showers off and on all day, temp now is 37F. 50 percent chance of accumulating snow tonight temp near 30.

    Never doubt the wisdom of thelawnguy ;)
  9. Snow Pro

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    How many of you guys will do an account if you don't have the contracts in yet?

    I got a new job last year plowing the Social Security building. The first time we went there it was almost done. I called the owner and he got them to stay away. It was ours after that. I don't think he got paid for it because we were on a fixed contract for the season. They didn't deduct anything from our pay.
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    Its Sunday evening here in N.Y. about 5pm and i bet Geoff is in it up to his ears in Maine,lucky him!When you read this Geoff it will probably be Monday so i hope you did well and made some money along with anyother Mainiacs and northern New Englanders good luck.
  11. Alan

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    Here in northwest Vermont we had snow in the air almost all day. Maybe 1 1/2" in all, but it never stayed on the pavement, ground temp is still too high. Maybe an inch remains on the grass right now, it's still tossing flurries at us but that's all. Pretty typical for a storm at this time of year. It's very rare that we get any accumulation before mid-November, and rarer still if it stays more than a day or two at that time.
  12. OP

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    Accumulations on the pavement were very light, 1" or less. It took a long time for snow to accumulate on the pavement, but 3 or 4" accumulated on the grass.

    Few Passes with the blades here and there, and some sand/salt mix, removed and accumulation, and kept the pavement snow/ice free.

    I am glad the accumulations were little, because none of the heavy equipment was ready this weekend.

    However it gave the guys a chance to get used to their routes.

    Little bit more snow on the way for tonight, but i think the sand/salt applied today should take care of any accumulation. Temps will be rising and rain will arrive tommorrow. If i have to, i will send out all the sanding trucks with pure salt.


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  13. Alan

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    Maybe I was wrong!

    Well,, it's 10 PM now and things look a bunch different than they did at 5 when I posted last. I don't have either of my spreaders operational right now, that was on the books for the coming week. I called my buddy, Steve, a couple hours ago and he has salt loaded and is ready to go. Here in Milton we are getting accumulations on the pavement, it's still snowing and temperatures are dropping. Steve has the contract for the Ben & Jerrys plant in St. Albans (about 15 miles north of here)and he thinks he may have to skim off whatever is on the ground and shake a little salt on it. I hung one of the plows and will help him, in return he'll shake a little salt for me on some of my yearly accounts. The plow I have on is the one I put urethane on this fall, so it will be a good chance to try it out. I ran a couple hundred yards on the street here when I mounted it tonight and it is eerie to plow and not have noise. Now if it will just wear well I'll be in hog heaven. Anyhow, it looks like I may get to play a little tonight, after all.

    THINK SNOW!!!!
  14. Chuck Smith

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    Glad to hear it. I too am anxious to hear how the urethane wears, as I am a dealer as well. I Remember the little "test" at the BBQ.

    If not posting the results here after plowing, please e mail me Alan!

  15. Alan

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    Didn't happen, dammit!

    Well,, so much for optimism. By 11 PM it had warmed to 32 degrees, while it was still snowing there was enough heat in the ground (it was 70 here two days ago) that it was beginning to show slush. When Steve called at 1:00 AM it was up to 34. I decided to pass on salting any of mine, Steve was going to go check B & J, didn't talk to him today so I don;t know what he did do in the end. By 7 this morning all pavement was bare again. Darn,, I was hoping,,,,,,,