Snow on Monday and Thursday?


Greenwich CT
hey all so i hear of 2 storms heard for Greenwich one on Monday and one for Thursday has anyone heard any more on these and do you thing they will be plowable,lets see if the weather guesser can be right for once ha ha ha to bad they dont predict rain and then we get a nice 12" inch storm or summating i love it when we get surprised:) :confused:

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Glastonbury, CT
the monday storm wont be that big they said. bruce depreist on channel 3 said possibly 1-4 inches. i heard there may be snow thursday, but havent heard how big of storm. you wont know till next friday how much we will get:D


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from what im hearing new york state and north wont be affected by the thursday storm. weather guessers are saying more of a mid atlantic storm. hopefully we will se some of it here in PA.

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I love that... 1-4. They might as well just so it might snow, or it might not. There is a decent difference between 1 and 4. Probably a bigger difference than between 5 and 8, because at 4 schools etc might think about closing (and we get to plow!) but probably not at one. What a joke. Maybe we all should give up plowing and become weather people. Hey they get paid right or wrong.
:)confused: Wonder how much insurance they need....)


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Nothin! We're all getting nothing! So put away your plows and spreaders and get a part time job till its time to sharpen blades again

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Somerset, NJ
Yep, each successive model run is showing all 3 of the potential North East short & mid range events to be fizzling out, or out to sea. Oh well, hopefully something will happen in 10 days or so, keep the fingers crossed.

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It started snowing last night so I went to bed early. Since they predicted a dusting to 1", I figured we'd get 24". But if I hadn't seen it, I wouldn't have known it snowed. Now I'm up an hour early and can't sleep.

Oh, well. Such is the life of a snowplow operator.

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