Snow on May 20th??

Tim Baden

That's right folks we had snow flurries this morning around 10am.I couldn't beleive it.Well I really shouldn't say that see how it was snowing yesterday
morning(7:45am),nothing stuck yesterday or today but this is a little odd this late
in the year even for sw Mi.Makes me kind of wonder what next winter is going to be like.Every year I keep hearing we are going a get a storm like the years of ...
1967,1978 and 1983 all rolled into one long winter.Maybe next winter just mite be that one.

Lawn Lad

Senior Member
Set a record in Cleveland for latest day for snow fall. May 20th. Wow... rain/snow mix for several hours yesterday. I thought I was going to have to get my plows back out.


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Sierra's, Ca
Last week I stripped the trucks...plows, lights, etc. for the summer. Last night I was busy putting it all back on to plow this morning! Snow in late May in California! Go figure.....


Western CT
Having been out in the Sierras that does not surprise me as much as getting snow in the "hills" of southern New England in May.

Still this has been a wacky winter, or spring.

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