Snow Hauling prices???

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Kidder, Dec 31, 2009.

  1. LoneCowboy

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    I charge per load
    costs so much per dump truck/semi truck load
    how long it takes, what I load it with, where it goes, customer never sees nor cares

    And then they can say "take 2 loads or take 4 loads or take it til it's gone"

    they know their budget and they can offset it per what snow they need removed.

    only happens every few years here for snow.
  2. ryde307

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    We haul alot of snow. We charge all sorts of ways. Some gov't contracts are by the yard price, Some othe commercial are hourly as stated in our contracts, and other sites we dont plow that call will normally get a set price.
    We measure the piles get an idea of how many yards calculate how long it will take and you have start price. Add somewhere around 20-30% and thats a customer price.
    As for skidloader sitting and billing for it. I would try to get another truck running when you have a 1hr round trip haul. When the trucks are running you should be breaking down the pilkes cleaning up and so on then just hang out and wait and yes we charge for all of the hours. You are sitting there your equipment is running its getting billed. But if you only using one truck odds are someone will come beat your price.
    Hauling is good money we make 70% of our seasonal gross revenue in just hauling.
  3. Greenery

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    I also charge by load. If it's a small number of loads the first one is priced high and any after the first are a little cheaper.
  4. Deershack

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    What size dump trucks are you using?
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    I wish I could work for this property manager.:nod:
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    Anybody knows who is hauling snow away?
  7. plow4beer

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    Usually guys with dump trucks round these parts
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    Where are you located?
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    I have a bucket and a shovel...
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    The company I use gets $150/ hr for their loader and $75/ hr per tandem.
    They have 3 trucks, so that's $225/ he plus the loader is $375/ hr.
    The one site we use them for is about a 2 hr job, so $750.
    This year we knocked down and blew back the pile in house for $500.
  11. Mark Oomkes

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    What is your hourly rate?
  12. FredG

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    I did not read all the above threads, $75.00 per hr for a skid to load snow out is okay if that is all you can get for your region. $75.00 for a tandem seems light to me but again I am not in your region. The $100.00 for a tandem sounds more fare. For sure your hourly does not change while waiting to load for the skid or dump.

    If you spent 9 hrs loading and waiting for truck to return your hourly does not change. I can remember spending more than nine hours loading out. You should be fine with the $900.00.
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    You cant afford me
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    It’s Indiana...We see what grows down there...It’s the Erie of southern Lake Michigan
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    We are close to you in MB. Wheeled skid steer and operator went for $105/hr last season. Same price for mini loaders. Tandem or single axle dumps for $115/hr plus $15-18/load. Prices go up every year.

    Snow is one of the toughest businesses to manage and huge risk involved. You can’t be doing it for nothing. Never feel guilty about charging what you need
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