Snow for Toronto


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Finally it looks like were going to get some snow. Forcast says around 15cm (6 inches) for tomorrow:D . If we really do get it, I hope stays on the ground for at least a few days. I'm sick of looking at green grass in January.


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Ouch! This is what I've been waiting for!

Great timing too, they were calling for 1-3cm last night but we got nothing.

Oh well, time to go put the snow tires on! ;)

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I was down in Toronto today (Near Roncesvales & The Queensway) and at least you'll have a place to put the snow - there ain't nothin' down there right now ;)

The WWW. Weather. Wrong forecast for Orillia (about 1-1/2 hrs north of Toronto) tonight & tomorrow:

Tonight: Cloudy this evening. Scattered snow showers developing after midnight. Low near 12F. Light ENE winds. Chance of precip 60%. Snow may accumulate up to one inch.

Tomorrow: Cloudy with snow. High around 24F. Winds ENE 10 to 15 mph. Chance of precip 80%. 3 to 6 inches of snow expected.

Tomorrow night: Cloudy with snow. Low near 20F. Winds NE 10 to 15 mph. Chance of precip 100%. Snow may accumulate up to 6 inches in some areas.

We'll see........................................... :rolleyes:

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They've been changing their minds all day about whether we'll get freezing rain or snow, or both. The latest is freezing drizzle turning to snow then back to freezing rain/ice pellets.

Sounds like a recipe for pre-treating with your favorite brand of ice-melter to me.

Alarm is set for 4:00am so we'll see...

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Nope! Not at 2 am! Wasn't me, man!

I WAS down that way, but it was work-related - took a load of steel down to the church at the corner of Saurauren & Galley (think I have the spelling right) with the boom truck.

Even Barrie has hardly any snow left, and so far this winter Orillia has had a bunch of snow and Barrie a lot less. Last winter, both communities had quite a bit but Barrie recieved more total than we did. Have to see what the rest of this season brings.


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BTW 75, next time you're down there take a drive down Saurauren & some of the one ways running off it & tell me how you would plow those drives. I have about 30 drives in that area I do on a 24hr contract. They're all tenant buildings.

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Disclaimer: I do NOT wish to revive the "Plow vs Blower" debate with this discussion, the subject has been pretty much beaten to death in other threads.

With that said, I did notice the cramped conditions (really noticeable when trying to squeeze an F800 between oncoming traffic & parked cars :p ) and it's a good example of how for some jobs blowers are the right tool, others a truck/plow.

Here, IMO a blower is the right tool: On those properties there ain't no place to push the snow. Plus hordes of "motoristo estupidos" running around and cars parked in the street. Even a plow on a Jeep would be difficult going.
Hey guys.
Glad to hear that Toronto area might get some snow! I'm getting tired of hearing from my brother (now in Ajax) that he has barely seen a flake all winter. An uncle in Brantford said that it seems his grass is still growing and he has not seen ONE flake yet this winter!!
Havn't done any snow removal in Sault Ste. Marie since Jan 20 :( .
We only have about one foot on the ground.

Last I heard Its supposed to start around daybreak with a chance it will start with freezing rain. I pretreated with Magic to avoid any bonding from freezing rain or early morning traffic. 2am now and temps are falling so its safe to catch a few more zzzs.


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Hey 75, that church you were delivering the steel to was the one that almost burnt down last year. I live like two minutes from there.

P.S. There aren't any chicks that hang out near Roncesvales & The Queensway, and if there are you don't want anything to do with them.:eek:

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Fordman - the world's a small place! Just for you, this "Chevy guy" even drove a Ford down there (F800) although "my" Chev welding truck was also there. ;)

Couldn't remember the name of the church when I posted yesterday, it's the Greek Orthodox Church. Quite an impressive restoration project going on, lots of new structural steel in place within the building. Our part is pretty minor, building landings & stairs in 4 locations. Best done on-site, so the load I took down was stock 20' lengths of material.

Get to make some $$$ tonight, enough snow fell during the day to need plowing, it's stopped for now but is supposed to snow some more yet.

I hear ya on the "chicks" - I kinda figured the ones that hang out at a street corner might be best avoided.................... :D

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