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Snow dogg or Boss

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself to the Community' started by gixxer27, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. gixxer27

    gixxer27 Junior Member
    Messages: 16

    I have an 06 f150 supercrew with the 5.4 liter. I looked at both the snow dogg and the boss sport duty poly. there is only a $250 price difference, and this is through the same dealer. looking for input on which would be recommended.
  2. mercer_me

    mercer_me PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 6,371

    Boss is a way better plow IMO. Honestly I think Snow Dogg is the last brand of plow I would put on my truck. But that's just me.
  3. got-h2o

    got-h2o 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,440

    Sounds like their price on the Snow Dogg is WAY high. Snow Dogg is so far proving itself, but a way cheaper plow than a Boss as far as $$ is concerned. For $250, get the Boss hands down.
  4. show-n-go

    show-n-go Senior Member
    Messages: 776

    What model and size snow dogg? How much are they selling it for? Usually snow dogg is at elast $500 cheaper
  5. Jim@esitrucks

    Jim@esitrucks Inactive
    Messages: 1,124

    If your talking about a sport duty vs a snow dogg md7.5 theres over 700 difference with us
  6. cleansweep007

    cleansweep007 Senior Member
    Messages: 119

    Save yourself the hassle and invest in a Boss plow. I am sure you wont regret it !
  7. gixxer27

    gixxer27 Junior Member
    Messages: 16

    Thanks guy's or ladies if any apply. I was 90% in favor of the Boss, But thought i would ask the pro's.

    snowdogg MD75 $3295
    Boss 7'6" sport poly $3547 plus a donation to uncle sam of course
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2009
  8. snow tender

    snow tender Senior Member
    Messages: 134

    Spend the extra $ the boss is a better plow for sure.
  9. asps4u

    asps4u Senior Member
    Messages: 543

    The BOSS...Next question