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Ok stop your laughing! Has anybody ever seen a detector that would sound an alarm when the snow starts falling? As a part time engineer I gave this some thought and would like to give it a try.Picture this as a part of a home weather station this device would sound a alarm when the first few flakes started falling. Perfect for waking up the plowing contractor and giving him a headstart out the door.Would enable you to sleep soundly until the snow or freezing rain started. Any thoughts or do I have too much time on my hands????????


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If I remember correctly we discussed this last year sometime. I do think someone had a link to someone that manufactured a "Snow Detector".
Seems like it was pretty costly, but if it was better that the weather guessers it may be worth it.
Anyone else remember???
Mark K



I think I can make something that would tell you when it snows and also something that you would preset for 1" or 2" or 3" of snow on the ground, that would sound a buzzer when the preset amount was reach. :rolleyes:

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Yes there are a couple of companies that make such sensors. Since I didn't really want to spend the 4 -5 hundred dollars I tried the cheap man's snow detector last year & it worked out well. Mostly I used it on nights that I knew I had wet lots that would freeze on certain nights & need spot salting. Radio Shack sells a wireless thermo\hydro meter (if you look up those other threads I think I posted the price, but I can't remember now). You set the remote sensor outside and the base can have an alarm set for whatever temp or humidity you want it to go off. So for precip. you could tell it to go off when the humidity gets to 95% (probably probably precipitating at that point) and\or set it for 33 or 32 degrees (probably the precipitation is dangerously frozen at this point - time to get up & sling some salt- or at least peek out the window). Worked for my purposes and was much cheaper than the real sensors.

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